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Practical gifts for any occasion are great but can often be a challenge to find. And even if you come across something, how do you know if it’s worth the price tag. So if you are currently thinking, to buy or offer the Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter, read this article!


Retailing at £599, this product has a more or less affordable price tag when you consider what you get in return. And with the e-store discount, this becomes an even sweeter deal.

Still, when investing in something like this, you need to make sure that you’re getting value for money. So, we’ll go through why this is exactly the right choice in some detail if you’re not convinced.

Built for Performance

Premium-build e-scooters are not your average, run-of-the-mill mobility gear. They pack a lot more power under their stylish yet unassuming frame than you may realize. This one is no different, and we can vouch for that.

With a range of 50 kilometres when fully charged, the Pure Air Pro doesn’t give up without a fight. This second-generation e-scooter uses an average of 500 W, which goes up to 700. The result is a powerful performance level you won’t find in other eco-products.

At 25 km/h, you won’t expect to break any speeding regulations. Still, for a ride across the neighbourhood, this is not bad. On top of that, this product has an amazing uphill climb with unparalleled traction. Meanwhile, the tyres also help make your rides smoother, more balanced, and free of unwanted turbulence.

All that in a lightweight frame that is low maintenance and comes with BlueTooth and port charging. It doesn’t get any more practical than that.


While the hollow steel frame makes this product airy, its strength is not something to underestimate. Each scooter can withstand up to 120 kilograms of mass. And let’s face it, the likelihood that yours will have to face anything close to that is slim.

Plus, the premium tyres are great for most terrain, and the brake mechanism works for longer thanks to its design.

And if that wasn’t enough, this product has fantastic water-proof capabilities. So you can use it safely during rainfall or when scaling puddles. Just keep your helmet and kneepads at hand to be safe, and you should be good to go.

A Conscious Pick

During our current climate emergency, we can no longer neglect the importance of eco-friendly electrical products. Pure Electric is one of a growing number of companies with the initiative to balance performance with climate-conscious technology.

However, due to economical concerns, people are not always flocking to the stores when buying these items. The Air Pro can change this attitude, not just with its favourable price tag, but what you get in return.

Elite performance and breathtaking design are no small feat for an electric scooter in the current market. And with zero-fossil fuel reliance, the results are even better.

A Versatile, Stylish Gift

With its bold design and efficient, performance-based design, the Air Pro makes a great gift. Not only can you buy it for anyone, but even the occasion doesn’t matter. For Christmas, birthdays, and many other events, this is the go-to present for whoever you think deserves it.

The light build and easy maintenance mean that you won’t have to keep the receipts with this gift. Also, this scooter comes with a great warranty, even though the likelihood of using it will be low.

The multi-functional light display makes for a great evening ride, made convenient with Android and iOS compatibility.


It helps to think things through when you’re hoping to buy eco-conscious products, even if they’re available at a discount. At the same time, manufacturers are responsible for doing the same as they design their range. When considering performance, anything less than adequate won’t do.

Pure Electric seem to know that, as their battery-powered Pure Air scooter lineup will certainly attest. These products are well-known as examples of top-tier architecture combined with sustainability and an eye for style.

Among them, the Air Pro stands out as an economical pick that puts your money to great use. It’s tough, built for purpose, and, in a nutshell, checks all the right boxes. As a gift, you cannot ask for something better.


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