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Doro 8080, the latest smartphone… for seniors

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What if a company created the most senior-friendly smartphone while keeping a sophisticated design? This was Doro’s challenge!
With its brand new Doro 8080, you don’t have to compromise usability or style, this revolutionary smartphone is a breath of fresh air for consumers looking for a high-performance device.

Doro or the accessible smartphone

Doro‘s phones are always designed with a range of features that focus on improving accessibility and usability for older individuals. It includes options such as extra clear sound, large keys and high visual contrast.
One of their signature feature is the Doro Assistance button, which sends an alert to the user’s emergency contacts when activated.

Better smartphone, better life

Dedicated to helping seniors live more connected, Doro has designed the 8080 with the idea of delivering the same tech to the elderly but in a simpler package.
Another key feature is My Doro. This service allows loved ones and relatives to access the user’s phone remotely, from their own iOS or Android device. It definitely provides some extra comfort for both the senior and relatives, even more, when the senior lives remotely.

In term of design, the bright 5.7-inch screen with 2:1 ratio offers the best compromise between size and portability.
Indeed, the 8080 is super intuitive, the user just needs to tap on the Search icon and the interface switches from the Doro launcher into a simplified screen. It will assist the user with various applications such as messaging, email, call log and media sub-sections that sport increased text and icon sizes for those with imperfect eyesight.

A device conceived especially for an ageing population

“In 2020, a quarter of the European population will be 60 or older. With the number of mature consumers on the rise, new requirements will need to be met by telecom providers. Doro remains committed to creating products and services that enable more independent lives.” mentions Peter Marsden, Managing Director, Doro UK & Ireland

More and more seniors are turning to technology and expect hi-tech, accessible, contemporary smartphones, and Doro 8080 could be the perfect candidate and this is why:

Doro 8080 Features

  • GPS-enabled Assistance button, giving the user peace of mind, wherever they may be
  • Loud and clear sound with a boost button function, instantly raising the volume by 20 per cent whilst preserving sound quality
  • Easy-to-read display and text
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Easy-to-use, high-quality camera
  • Headphone jack with USB cable port

You can purchase the Doro 8080 from £255.00
If you need more information, visit


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