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Choose to make your next adventure much easier with 10 of the most brilliant travel accessories. While we may be still staying at home, nothing should stop us to plan ahead and pick some of the greatest gadgets for our next vacation.

Horizn Studios M5 Smart Cabin Luggage

Pick the M5 Smart Luggage from Horizn Studio and make your next trip even more enjoyable. This is one of the smartest cabin suitcases including amazing features such as a removable smart charger, high-end Japanese 360° spinner wheels, but also a water-resistant front pocket for easy access to your 15” laptop and travel documents. Whether you are going on a business trip or for one week’s holidays, the 33L suitcase has enough capacity to pack all your belongings in one go!

Buy the M5 Smart Luggage from £320.00

PNY MOBEE Gimbal Stabilizer

Say goodbye to bad quality photos, and upgrade your game with the MOBEE Gimbal Stabilizer. Capture your best moments around the world, with this super hi-tech tripod for your smartphone. You will see the world through a stable eye with 3-axis Gimbal technology that allows you to connect your smartphone to PNY Mobee Automatic Stabilizer.
Enjoy all the functionalities including face and object tracking function, slow motion, time-lapse, and panorama, enough features to reveal the full picture and your creativity.
This PNY Stabilizer comes with 12 hours battery life and also offers a USB power supply to charge your smartphone so that you never miss a moment and store your best memories on camera!

Buy the MOBEE Gimbal Stabilizer from £86.50

LARQ Bottle

Stay always hydrated with your new trusty companion LARQ bottle. Not like any water bottle, LARQ is basically a wholly self-sufficient water bottle with a conscience…
It neutralises up to 99.9999% of harmful, odour-causing bacteria using UV-C light, to leaves you with only water pristine. This fantastic accessory also encourages you to abandon single-use-plastics while travelling.
Match them with your bag or suitcase, thanks to its chic selection of colourways ranging from Granite White and Seaside Mint to Obisidian Black and Sahara Gold. They are also available in two different sizes, 500ml or 750ml depending on how much you drink during the day!

Buy LARQ water bottle from £95.00

UnderArmour Sportstyle Shoes

Never make your feet tired again while traveling. A great pair of shoes is one of the most important travel accessories that most of us tend to forget about! UnderArmour Sporstyle shoes feature the latest activewear technology to provide you the most comfortable travel, whether you are running after your plane or just walking around your favourite city.
UA HOVR™ technology provides ‘zero-gravity feel’ to maintain energy return that helps eliminate the impact, it also gives you back all the energy you put in.
Made from breathable, stretch material, these shoes will become your best travel companion!

Buy UnderArmour Sportstyle shoes from £85.00

Away, The Weekender Bag

The Weekender is a must-have bag if you usually fancy weekend gateways. This versatile duffle fits in the overhead bin and is designed to travel with you—whether you’re going away for a weekend, or spending a week on the road. With features like an exterior shoe compartment and a padded laptop pocket, this bag will keep you effortlessly organized. It even has a thoughtful sleeve on the back that can secure to any suitcase.
The must? The Weekender collection is customizable, you can add your own initials with the colour of your choice for £35.00 only!

Buy The Weekender from £225.00

Itsy Blitz

If you are a parent, you probably know how challenging it can be to travel with children. This is when Itsy Blitz comes to the rescue. The Itsy Blitz is so portable and lightweight, it can fit in a handbag or changing bag no problem! The portable blender can make up to 20 meals with no need to plugin, so you could even blend on the road!
Provided with its own spoon and travel case, the device will make your travel a breeze! Whether you’d like to blend your baby’s food on the go or keep it for later, Itsy Blitz will easily do the job while keeping your car totally mess-free!

Buy Itsy Blitz from £39.99

Vago Portable Luggage Compressor

Vago Luggage Compressor is probably one of the smartest accessories you can own for your next trip.
This hi-tech travel companion is a compressor with a vacuum bag that reduces the volume of your clothes by up to 50% – for extra space in your suitcase. This small device is so compact you can easily bring it along during your travels, to create extra space within your luggage within minutes so you can buy more and pack more.
It is the ultimate travel tool for any traveller wanting to save luggage space without the hassle.

Buy Vago Luggage Compressor from £45.50

Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones

Escape the sounds of the transport while traveling with the WH-1000XM3 headphones featuring the best noise-canceling technology in some of the most advanced ever with close-fitting ear pads. Wherever you are, listen to your favourite tunes and immerse yourself into high-quality audio like you never experienced before.
Sony’s latest headphones are especially designed for those travelling by plane, thanks to its Unique Atmospheric Pressure Optimizing which delivers optimal sound at high altitude.

Buy Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones from £249.00

Oclu Action Camera

Record all your adventures with Oclu Action Camera. If you need to pack one camera for your trips, this is the one!
Oclu Action Camera boasts some incredible features to capture all your memories on video. The OCLU 4K camera is a water-resistant action camera that doesn’t look or feel like your typical action camera. It shoots 4K at 30 fps and 1080p at 120 fps for slow-mo, and everything in between, and if you like to compresses vision vertically from a 3:2 ratio to a 16:9 in Superview, the Oclu does the same thing. Terrific for making things feel fast and furious.

Buy Oclu Action Camera from £180.00

Rise Traveler Backpack

The Rise Traveler Backpack is one of the kind. Super compact, the backpack boasts an amazing capacity, to have everything on hands wherever you go!
The large 30L backpack has been specially designed for commuters and travelers. Its 18 internal and external compartments include a 17.3-inch anti-theft laptop compartment, as well as built-in USB charging with external port, to use & charge your devices on-the-go.
Besides being practical, it is also designed for your comfort.
Indeed, the backpack is mainly made from high-density foam & breathable mesh, which means you can now say goodbye to sweaty backs in hot weather!
So wait no more and get your own Rise Traveler Backpack.

Buy Rise Traveler Backpack from £74.99


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