Could BoxVR become the gym of the future?


Working out isn’t something we are always keen on. With the current lockdown, it is pretty difficult to find ‘home-based’ alternatives to the gym. That’s where BoxVR comes to the rescue! BoxVR is a VR Cardio fitness game, that brings music enhanced, boxing-inspired workouts to Virtual Reality. So could it replace our traditional workouts?
Here is the answer!

A fun way to do your daily exercise

Since we’ve never experienced anything of the kind before, it is safe to call BOX VR one of the world’s first virtual reality gym experience.

It gamifies exercise by making it more like a futuristic sport rather than a video game. To start taking the classes and workouts led by fitness experts, you will need a VR set. Great news, BoxVR website offers many options from the Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR Starter Pack or Oculus Rift S.

Whatever your fitness level, you can put on a VR headset and immerse yourself in BoxVR’s high-intensity routines, choreographed by professional instructors. After only a few sessions you will increase your energy levels, build strength, lose weight, improve your overall health – all from the comfort of your home!

What does the gym of the future look like?

When you arrive at the BoxVR gym, you will discover 12 pages of different classes/workouts led by different fitness experts. There’s a beginner’s workout that’s less than 10 minutes and then the stages increase up to an hour and in intensity, depending on your level and current performance.

On a first look, you could think this game is pretty simple: just punch the blue orbs with your hand wearing the blue glove, and the pink orbs with the pink glove.
Single orbs require you to throw a straight jab, but they quickly increase the difficulty by asking you to throw hooks, crosses, uppercuts, and blocks. And if all of that sounds too easy for you, there are also giant blocks that require you to squat or lean left and right to avoid.

If you are not really keen on trying one of these designed classes, you still can make your own. In this mode, you can choose one of over a hundred different songs, three different difficulty settings, and three unique gyms to work out in. All the tools to design your perfect workout, in your ideal environment!

The features that make the difference

Another great feature is probable the timer and calorie displays that appear close to the user. So, in one blink, the user can see the time, calorie count, and points earned. Astigmatism is gone! Everything is up close and easy to see.

You can tell this is just some of what BoxVR can really do. Once you introduce more environments, leaderboards multiplayer and extra data, this could definitely become a great alternative to the traditional gym.

One issue with workouts from home is the space they require. BoxVR has obviously been designed for people with small spaces in mind – which makes even more amazing!

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