Top 5 Smart Notebooks to get right now


Taking notes on a physical notebook has its advantages. Writing by hand, you are more likely to imprint content in your memory and take notes in the way you can best remember and absorb, with visuals like diagrams or process flows. There are also many benefits of digitizing your notes, like the ability to access them anywhere, share with friends, and connect them easily with other programs like visual editing software or calendars. Here are 5 smart notebooks that still have great physical writing experience and include special features to enhance your notes.

1.Wacom Bamboo Slate

Wacom makes a number of tablets ranging from high-end pressure-sensitive pads for drawing to simple writing pads. The Wacom Bamboo Slate is called a “smartpad” and allows you to write using any pen and any paper, and then digitize your notes, sending them to the cloud.

With a sizable internal memory, you can store up to 100 pages on the slate, and when ready to upload, it integrates with Dropbox, OneNote, and Evernote.

2. Moleskine Smart Writing

Moleskine has a few smart notebook options. Their Smart Writing Set is a complete system to get you taking your notes digitally.

Using a smartpen called “Pen+ Elipse” and large Ruled Paper Tablet with special Ncoded paper, notes get synced directly to the cloud. Partnering with Evernote, one of the leading notetaking apps, Moleskine also has a journal with an Evernote premium subscription code for 3 months on imprinted on the back so that you can digitize your notes and enjoy advanced notetaking features like sharing and integrations with other apps.

This notebook leverages the camera feature of Evernote to capture your pages, catalog, and share.

3. Rocketbook

Rocketbook also has different models of smart notebooks. Their entry-level Rocketbook Wave comes in two sizes and lets you write with a traditional pen and paper before sending it to the cloud using your smartphone.

The way you erase your notes with the Rocketbook Wave is magical – simply microwave the notebook for fresh pages, whereas the Rocketbook Core (formerly Everlast) lets you erase with a drop of water. Rocketbook notebooks all connect with the major storage and communication apps: Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, Evernote, Outlook, and OneNote.

4. Outliers Notebook

This reusable notebook also uses your microwave to erase contents and reuse. It comes with different page templates like a habit tracker, monthly calendar, and water/coffee tracker, and its own free app that lets you scan using a QR code, tag, and share.

Pages can be ruled or blank, depending on if you’re a writer or a drawer, and there are different covers in various colours and textures (like leather) so you can select your preferred look.

5. Boogie Board

Boogie Board has multiple models of tablets for notetaking. Their Boogie Board Blackboard is an LCD eWriter that lets you draw or take notes, scan and share images using their iOS or Android app. It comes with a stylus and allows users to erase using a ‘spot technology’ or a quick erase button. The Boogie Board Jot is their portable, pocket-sized version that never needs charging. There’s even a model for kids, that’s more durable and comes in fun colours.

Smart notebooks have many different names, such as smartpads, digital slates, LCD blackboards. No matter what you call them, these tools can help you take your notes to the next level. There are so many options on the market that you can find one that suits your notetaking style, integrates with the apps you already use and is designed to match your style.

Written by Roshni Wijayasinha, Prosh Marketing


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