What to choose: Roidmi X20 Cordless Vacuum

What to choose

Be impressed by Roidmi X20 design and performance. The cordless vacuum boasts some fantastic features including high suction, wireless charging, and mop accessory, which will make your daily cleaning a breeze!


  • High Performance
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic light
  • Extra lightweight
  • Connected vacuum
  • Include a mop accessory
  • Reasonable price


  • None!!!

The ergonomic design coming along with multiple accessories

With its super contemporary design, the X20 looks and feels amazing.
It’s made of matt-white plastic with a really slick texture, feels super light when you hold it!

The X20 comes along with an impressive range of attachments, all included in the package.
You get the general-use electric brush for carpets and hard floors, a smaller mattress brush; a crevice tool, another smaller crevice tool on a flexible hose, and a little brush that fits onto the end of either of them. It also includes a long rigid extender that works with any of the previous attachments and finally the mop attachment.

The Roidmi X20 is also really intuitive to use, too. Just a long press on the power button turns the machine on, while a short press cycles through medium and maximum power levels.

One of the most performant cordless vacuum

We’ve particularly been impressed by the X20 performance. At its highest suction level, it will last only around 11 minutes. However, in the usual power mode, it runs for a staggering 55mins, far surpassing other cordless vacuums!
Even at its lowest power setting, the Roidmi had no trouble with carpet fluff, pet hair, crumbs, or everything else and you will rarely feel that you have to go over an area more than once.

What we absolutely loved, is this motorized head with LEDs at the front of the vacuum which comes on automatically so you can actually see what you’re vacuuming – even in the dark!

As well as the motorized brush, the Roidmi X20 has a plug-in mopping cartridge. This uses a gravity-fed drip system to saturate a microfibre cloth so that the X20 cleans hard floors at the same time as vacuuming. It is a great add-on and it does help to tidy up hard floors. However, it’s likely that you’ll still need a proper mop to clean up deeper stains.

A Smart Vacuum

As mentioned previously the X20 is also a smart vacuum cleaner coming along with its very own app. You can connect the cordless vacuum with your smartphone after installing the Roidmi Cleaner app.

The app will give you the battery status, bin fill level, and filter condition. It is particularly useful, as it can help you identify when you need to perform periodic maintenance on the vacuum cleaner to keep it working at maximum efficiency.

The Roidmi X20 boasts smart design and a great range of features. You will definitely appreciate its long battery life and suction power. Both make the device super-efficient.
Coming along with an impressive range of attachments, which can be used to clean almost any floors and surface in the house.

You can purchase the Roidmi X20 from £499.00 and for more information visit www.roidmi.com


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