What to Choose: Withings Body Cardio Scale

What to choose

If you have been looking for the perfect way to monitor your weight, health and body mass, Withings Body Cardio is probably the answer to your prayers. Find out everything you need to know about one of most hi-tech scales on the market.


  • Sleek Design
  • Great range of stats and data
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Synchronize via Wi-fi and Bluetooth
  • Reads weight, water, fat, bone mass, heart rate, and arterial health


  • A bit more expensive than its competitors

Stylish design and hi-tech features

The Body Cardio features a tempered glass top which is available in black or white, each with a silver bar running down the middle. Light stripes on the scale show where to place your feet to get a Pure Wave Velocity reading. To sum-up, the Body Cardio has a sleek and contemporary style which look nice in the bathroom or wherever you choose to put your scale.

Withings latest addition show-off more than one unusual feature. The Body Cardio runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery instead of a handful of AA or AAAs. You can charge your smart scale with a USB charger is included, with a full charge lasting for about 12 months.

Withings Body Cardio also monitors something none of the other smart scales can: Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV), a measurement of arterial stiffness that is a key indicator of cardiac health. For your information, no other company’s smart scales currently measure PWV, so if you have concerns around your heart health this could be a significant reason to opt for the Body Cardio.

How to use the Body Cardio

The smart scale comes along with its companion app: the free WithingsHealth Mate app (iOS and Android) and automatically syncs data via Bluetooth or Wifi after every use of the scale.

The app is really easy to use. Clear and concise, it shows your health stats translated into graphs. It is a great way to visualize trends over time and monitor how your weight impacts your health. After a few weeks, you will be able to see how your lifestyle impacts their PWV.

Another great point is probably the fact you can set goals, earn rewards over time and celebrate health milestones. Health Mate app can also partner with 150 health apps to provide nutrition tracking, GPS run tracking and more to make it an integrated health aid.

Withings Body Cardio is perfect for sport and fitness lovers who are looking for a full rundown of their body just by stepping on a scale. Body Cardio is indeed very app friendly working with a huge array of app and fitness features which can be synchronised with up to 8 different users.

A great accessory to keep up with your health

The scale is very good-looking, easy to set up and use for all the family, and pretty much everything a smart scale can. We would really recommend this product for users really into nutrition, bodyweight management, fitness and sports, as Body Cardio offers a lot of insights via its app.

The Body Cardio is one of our favourite smart scales for the great number of stats and handy info like how much weight you’ve lost or gained since your last weigh-in. It’s a bit more expensive than its main competitors (around £130.00) but to be honest it offers just about everything you might possibly need.

For more information, you can visit www.withings.com


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