The Hottest Hair Products and Gadgets of the moment


Getting a weekly blowout is not an option for many of us, but you can still achieve salon-worthy hairstyles at home if you choose the right hair styling tools and products. Whether you are looking for the perfect curler wand, straightener or hair styler, we’ve rounded up the hottest styling gadgets and products that will turn any novice into an expert hairstylist.

InStyler Cerasilk Woven Curling Wand

Get the most stylish and structured waves or curls with the Instyler Cerasilk Woven Curling Wand. Featuring a covered barrel that serves as a built-in heat protectant, it defends your hair against damage while giving them a shiny effect. Boasting a super sleek design, 4 heat settings as well as powerful ceramic heaters, the Cerasilk Woven Curling Wand gives you the chance to get salon-worthy waves in few minutes, and this, just from the comfort of your home.

Buy the Instyler Cerasilk Woven Curling Wand from £79.99

Fekkai Brillant Gloss Range

Forget about these hair products full of chemicals and damaging your hair. Instead opt for a much more environment-friendly option with Fekkai hair products. With its 5 main collections including, Technician Colour Care, Brillant Gloss, Full Blown Volume, Super Strength and Baby Blonde, the haircare brand is totally committed doing better for your hair and the planet. Their product’s packaging is at 95% made from recycled plastic to contain vegan and cruelty-free formulas. With Fekkai, save the planet while keeping your hair strong and shiny!

Buy Fekkai Hair Products from £5.00 to £22.00

José Eber HST Air Styler

Level-up your hair game with José Eber’s latest addition: the HST Air Styler. Its spring-loaded tourmaline ceramic plates and integrated cooling fan feature make HST Air Styler a must-have addition to your styling regime. This innovative tool will create any style from set curls, waves and straight tresses in a few minutes. We fell in love with its efficient design and the way it counteracts frizz and seal in moisture. The HST Air Styler is the ultimate all-in-one hair styler, every beauty lover should absolutely own!

Buy José Eber HST Air Styler from £180.00

Haer Susinum

HAER has just released what we should call a magic formula to keep your hair strong, nourished and shiny. The brand combined natural botanical knowledge with sustainable modern scientific practice to create this 100% ethical hair product. It helps to smooth the appearance of split ends, reduce frizz. After the first use, your hair feels soft, glossy smooth, and silky. The precious hair oil is completely cruelty-free and vegan. It contains Egyptian Blue Lotus extract – just one of eighteen 100% natural botanical origin ingredients blended to deliver glossy healthy hair benefits. Nourishing Moringa, health-giving Pomegranate, regenerative Black Cumin and stimulating Watermelon all add to this unique Health for Hair formula.

Buy Susinum Luxuriant Hair Oil from £65.00

Instyler Cerasilk Styling Iron

Straightening your hair would have never been as easy with Instyler Cerasilk Styling Iron. Designed to help protect the hair from damage, it prevents direct contact with your locks for a and long-lasting result. Crafted with smooth ceramic plates, these powerful straighteners lock in your hair’s natural moisture, protecting you from heat damage up to 92% more than traditional tools. Whatever your hair type – curly, wavy or afro hair – the Cerasilk Styling Iron will straighten your hair on the first swipe, for a result within minutes. No doubt, these straighteners will quickly become one of your hair essentials!

Buy Instyle Cerasilk Styling Iron from £99.99

Neal & Wolf MIRACLE

The Neal & Wolf MIRACLE Rapid Blow-dry Mist has been formulated to speed up drying time to move swiftly from damp, freshly clean locks to a soft and dry finish. This magic mist works by repelling water from the surface of the hair to speed up the drying process. Its special blend of ingredients will also assist with protecting your hair from the harshness of heat tools. The little extra? This product is health and cruelty conscious. It is free of sulphate, paraben, DEA and TEA. The mist is also cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. In other words: Go for it!

Buy Neal & Wolf MIRACLE from £20.00

Amika High Tide Deep Waver

We all dream of those beautiful, flawless beach waves, yet it can be very difficult when it comes to practice. Lucky for you Amika High Tide Deep Waver comes to the rescue, for an instant and super stylish hairstyle. Super easy to use, and fuss-free, this clever next-gen hair tool delivers deep S-bends within seconds. All you have to do is gently clamp sections of hair between the three tourmaline barrels, which are perfectly sized to create large, defined waves. So look no more, here is the hottest tool for the most beautifully styled waves.

Buy the Amika High Tide Deep from £90.00

Foxy Locks 7 in 1 titanium curling wand

Become the Queen of Curls with Foxy Locks 7 in 1 Curling Wands. With its seven interchangeable barrels, you can achieve endless hairstyles from big beachy waves to tight defined curls and everything in between. It doesn’t matter what your hair type is, the advanced responsive technology in the Rose Gold barrels quickly, evenly and effectively distributes heat more effectively than average curling wands.

Buy Foxy Locks 7 in 1 Curling Wands from £55.20

Sugarbear Hair Vitamins

Taking care of your hair come also from the inside, that’s the promise made by Sugarbear Hair. You’ve probably heard about them, SugarBear vitamins are these delicious chewy vitamins flavoured with natural berries for a sweet taste and impressive results. The aim is to support healthy hair growth, without having to worry about it! Formulated with essential hair-friendly ingredients like biotin, folic acid, and vitamin D, these vegetarian gummies are made with plant-based pectin. What do you have to do? Just eat two bears a day to provide all the nutrients needed to meet your hair goals. 

Buy SugarBear Hair Vitamins from £27.99

Harry Josh® Pro Dryer 2000

If you are looking for the perfect addition to your hair styler tools, The Pro Dryer 2000 is certainly a must-have. Hand-made in France, the dryer is also eco-friendly thanks to its dual-filtration system which reduce energy consumption by 60 per cent vis-a-vis its competitors. It will dry your hair very quickly with a light and nice to the touch result. The bonus is the dual-ion generator that also allows both sleek and voluminous finishes, depending on your preference.

Buy Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000

Philip Kingsley’s Body Building range

Philip Kingsley’s Body Building has been specially formulated to give heavyweight volume. So if you have enough from your flat hairstyle, these are the hair products you need! The full range includes Philip Kingsley’s best-selling Body Building Weightless Shampoo, Body Building Weightless Conditioner, and has been expanded to include the brand’s volumising styling products; Maximizer Root Boosting Spray and Maximizer Strand Plumping Cream. Each product is layerable, designed to complement one another for a full-proof care and styling regime, guaranteed to add enviable body and bounce.

Buy Philip Kingsley Body Building products from £9.50 to £21.00

Babyliss Smooth and Wave

With the BaByliss Smooth & Wave hairstyler, create effortless super-smooth, frizz-free styles or perfect, lasting waves. How does it work? The curling contraption automatically draws locks into its ceramic chamber, heating the coil it makes from all direction, and release perfectly structured curls for a long-lasting result  – perfect for those of us with minimal styling skills.

Buy BaByliss Smooth & Wave hairstyler from £65.00


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