Keep your food with you at all times with Kambukka’s new food jar

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It’s never been easier to keep your food at the right temperature while travelling. The thermal food jars come as a new addition to Kambukka’s famous drinkware collection, the perfect accessories to eat and drink with style!

Take your lunch to the next level

If you are always on the go and looking for the most sustainable way to keep your food warm and fresh, Kambukka food jar is the solution!

Kambukka’s new food jar product boasts some great features such as an air vent to release pressure and steam which enables safe opening. You can also count on Kambukka the signature 100% leak-proof lid to ensure a priority on functionality. The brand new product will allow you to keep breakfast, lunch, and dinner hot and fresh for up to nine hours.
On top of being super lightweight and easy to use, the food jars are just really easy to pack in a handbag or backpack.

The jars are available in 6 different colours and two sizes – 400ml or 600ml – depending on how much you’d like to take out. The little extra? You can also get the matching water bottle or coffee mugs, for the complete set!

A stylish way to cut on plastic

If you’ve been thinking about reducing your plastic use, Kambukka also boasts an amazing drinkware range from water bottles to coffee mugs.

The Etna collection designed with a 3 in 1 lid  features the Snapclean® technology with three positions: ‘Push to drink’, ‘Always open’ and ‘Locked’, to make sure you get the best drinking experience.

In a range of beautiful patterns, find the Reno collection with its stylish water bottles, designed for these trendy workers who like to show-off original accessories.

You can take them wherever you like because it is 100% leak-proof and it keeps your drinks cold for up to 9 hours (300 ml) or 20 hours (500 ml) and hot for up to 5 hours (300ml) or 8 hours (500ml).

A bit more about Kambukka

Kambukka is a Belgian premium brand that designs drinking solutions for people on the go. They create bottles that fit workers’ active lifestyles and personalities.
But there’s more. Kambukka enables a smooth drinking experience with its patent-pending smart product features with a design that is 100% leak-proof and bottles that are very easy to clean thanks to their Snapclean® feature.

So get your Kambukka bottle and start refilling it! With one simple act, you can already reduce your environmental impact.

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