What to choose: Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor

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The Bluebell Smart Monitoring System is a new and innovative smart baby monitor that will keep you connected with your little one at all times. Provided with a watch and monitors, you can check on your baby wherever and whenever you want. It can monitor your baby breathing, his temperature, movement and even more!


  • Monitor easy to wear for baby
  • Feature smartwatch for parents
  • Comes with its own app
  • Track a lot of information such as temperature, baby movement, nappy changes etc.
  • Unique on the market


  • Does not have filming capacity
  • More expensive than other baby monitors on the market

A smart monitor developed for you and your baby

This four-part monitoring system which includes a baby monitor, parent wristband, smart hub, and app, has been developed especially for parents to improve their baby’s routines and sleeping patterns.

The three devices are connected via thread technology, a form of Bluetooth typically used for smart home products, which covers a range of 70 metres, to allow parents to be aware of their little one movement from anywhere in their home.

How does it work?

The monitoring kit is also provided with its own smartphone app, which parents can use to view a data history. The app will help you track baby’s behaviour including skin temperature, breathing and movement via the baby monitor. It also has a microphone, so listens to noises the baby makes, such as crying.
If there is any problem, the parents’ wristband will alert them in the form of vibrations, icons coming up on a display of flashing coloured lights. Different alerts correspond to different issues or behaviours.
This information makes it possible to build a great overview of baby’s behaviour that can be helpful in developing a consistent and healthy routine in the future.

Another way to soothe your baby

Tangerine, the design agency who developed the product, has added another great feature to the Bluebell Baby Monitor. Parents will be able to play white noise and lullabies or turn on a night light, via the monitor.
It can also be programmed to record data, such as the baby’s sleeping or feeding patterns.
Enabling parents to trigger sounds or light that aim to soothe their child gives them extra peace of mind control.

A monitor to give parents more freedom

The Bluebell baby monitor is a great tool for new parents looking to set regular patterns for their baby and themselves. Besides being super informative, this three-device monitor help to reinsure parents while the baby is asleep, for a peaceful state of mind.
Despite being a bit more expensive than the other baby monitors on the market, the Bluebell monitor worth every penny. It showcases much more features and gives parents much more freedom than any other baby monitors on the market.

For more information or to purchase the Bluebell Baby Monitor you can check www.bluebell.io