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When suffering from pain after sport, posture or general strains of life, sometimes a solution just isn’t easy to find. Pain medication isn’t always fast acting, isn’t a safe or viable long term solution, and other systems or product aren’t easy to use. 

Luckily, BioWaveGO is that solution for any sport lovers. It meant that anyone can expect a reliable, effective remedy for any pain they have following sport, or a stressful day.

Pain Blocking Technology 

Where most products attempt to simply mask or reduce the symptoms of pain, the BioWaveGO looks to block out pain entirely by using therapeutic electrical signals to block pain at the nerve. 

The system is trusted by doctors, orthopaedic surgeons, athletes and more as an everyday way to regain productivity. One 30-minute treatment provides up to 24 hours of deep pain relief for conditions such as back pain, foot pain, neck pain, shoulder problems, tennis elbow, arthritis and endometriosis, amongst others. 

The difference is noticeable between the BioWaveGO and other products almost immediately, with a much deeper and comprehensive contact to restore mobility, ease tension, and most importantly block out pain at the source to allow you to get on with your day. 

84% of users see a reduction in pain after just one 30 minute session. 

Benefits over Tens Machine

Where older traditional Tens machines would simply mask pain, BioWave’s high frequency, alternating current system blocks pain at its source for long-lasting relief.  

BioWave offers a 60 day money back guarantee as proof of its confidence in the quality of the product. 

App integration 

The device is further enhanced through use of the BioWave App, allowing the user to control the duration, intensity and style of pain control. This ensures maximum control while in use, and targeted focus towards areas of pain or discomfort.

Great Guidance and instruction 

The BioWaveGO provides a comprehensive set of instructions and guides for how to get the best out of the product, and target the specific areas which is causing the problem. This takes all the guesswork out of solving your pain challenges, and ensures you get to the solution quickly and easily.

Ease of Use

The device is small and compact, easily fitting into a pocket or bag to ensure it’s never far away if needed. It charges in an hour, is quick to assemble and maintain over many uses. 

The lead wires, pads and controls are easy to use and intuitive, meaning that you can rely on the device to work regardless of the position required. 

Amateur and Professional use

BioWave has already established close connections with a number of a elite sports professionals both in the US and the UK, with Olympian Gold Medallist Tianna Bartoletta, PGA Tour Winner Rocco Mediate, New York Giants Linebacker Nate Stupar, and Rangers Football Club, the Cornish Pirates, Warrington Wolves and Jonjo O’Neill Racing teams just some of many already using the device as part of their training and recovery plan.


To conclude the BioWaveGo is one of the best regarding the ease of use and effectiveness. Pain relief and control is a vastly important part of the health setup when in a high octane, high performance lifestyle. Managing this with painkillers and gels is simply not a cost effective, healthy or environmentally sustainable method. 

The BioWaveGo offers a really valuable solution to take back the control of your body, provide pain relief when it is needed most, and ensure you can pursue your activities confident in the knowledge that pain occurs, a solution is never far away.

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