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Huffy So Sweet 12″ Bike

The Huffy So Sweet 12″ Bike has the answer for any child looking for a sweet ride. This bike features ‘sweet’ decorations for a coordinated look with its whimsical theme. The front handlebar pad is designed for safety and coordinates the timeless design. The seat is decorated to match the look with padding to make sure the ride is comfortable. The single-speed bike is easy to ride and always in style. With the easy 5-step assembly, you’ll have this bicycle ready to ride in just on Christmas day.

Buy Huffy So Sweet 12″ Bike from £100.00

Dantoy BIOplastic Bio Baking Set

Dantoy’s BIOplastic Bio Baking Set is made of sustainable raw material, and their bioplastic is 100% recyclable. Teach your children how to make beautiful cakes and cookies from dough, modeling clay, or sand with the Dantoy BIOplastic Baking Set. This eco-friendly toy set includes a rolling pin, a whisk, 2 bowls, and dough cutters for real baking or role-play fun.

Whisking, rolling, and cutting out fun shapes help to support fine motor skills, learning play, and imaginative fun. The Dantoy BIOplastic Baking Set for kids is a wonderful toy for indoor and outdoor play.

Buy the Dantoy BIOplastic Bio Baking Set from £14.99

Amazon Fire 10 Kids Pro tablet

Looking for a new way to keep the kids busy? We’ve got it – the Amazon Fire 10 Kids Pro tablet. They’ll love getting stuck into all the different Amazon apps, and this one comes with a year of Amazon Kids+. Whether they’re playing games, reading a book, listening to music or watching a show, you might actually get 5 minutes of peace and quiet. And even better, it has really useful parental controls. These let you limit screen time, add apps, edit the age filter and set a bedtime. You can even stop them watching videos or playing games until they’ve met the day’s educational goals. 

Buy the Amazon Fire 10 Kids Pro Tablet from £129.99

Voodoo Nzumbi Mountain Bike

This Christmas, offer adventure to your pre-teen with the amazing Voodoo Nzumbi Mountain Bike. Upgraded for 2022, the Nzumbi is specially designed for 9+ year olds with a 26” wheel, improved design and an impressive specification that’s perfect whether your child’s new to riding or is an aspiring mountain bike racer already leading off-road adventures.
The bonus is that every aspect of the bike has been designed with current trends in mind. Your child will be able to enjoy the lightweight, the junior-specific frameset and the impressive design.

Buy the Voodoo Nzumbi Moutain Bike from £500.00

Yoto Player

Built especially for children, the Yoto Player Smart Speaker allows your little ones to play creatively without staring at a computer screen. This speaker comes with colourful plug-in cards containing music, audiobooks, podcasts and sounds of nature that can help children explore their own imagination.

The plastic cards and dial controls are sturdy and super-easy to grasp even for the youngest children. The Yoto Player also features a simple, pixelated display on the side that adds visual effects to what’s being played, or displays the time and date.

Buy the Yoto Player from £79.99

Kaloo Tendresse doll

Christmas morning playtime will be made complete with a Tendresse doll from Kaloo. Ideal from birth and made from the softest materials, the Tendresse doll collection will comfort little ones as they grow, soon becoming the star of any imaginative play and games, whilst looking right at home in a nursery from day one.

All including a delicate ribbon necktie and soft, long legs for easy gripping, each Tendresse has their own individual style, outfit and personality! Packaged in an elegant gift box, Tendresse make the perfect Christmas gift to find under the tree.

Buy Kaloo Tendresse dolls from £19.99

Xootz Decoy Dirt Scooter

Your kids can conquer a whole world of new terrain with the Xootz Decoy Dirt Scooter, thanks to pneumatic off-road chunky wheels. The super-wide, heat-treated aluminium deck with a steel Y-frame handlebar keeps it light enough for jumps and tricks while withstanding hard off-road impacts. A threaded headset and quad bolt clamp provide direct and precise steering for total control while ensuring that this sturdy scooter always offers a fun and reliable ride. It is ideal for all terrains and all ages.

Buy The Xootz Decoy Dirt Scooter from £99.99

Artie Max Coding

Learn your kids how to cod with the Artie Max Roboto. They will be able to start coding in minutes with the Remote Control function, included pre-programmed codes, easy-to-follow instruction guide, and built-in tutorials. Artie Max offers young programmers aged 8+ drag-and-drop coding options, Blockly, Snap!, and Artie Max’s own UI. More experienced coders can also work in text-based languages JavaScript, Python, and C++. With 3 on-board markers, kids watch Artie Max draw colourful designs.

Buy the Artie Max from £82.99

Vtech 4 in 1 Alphabet Train

Let your kids chug along into learning fun! This 4-in-1 grow with me alphabet train includes 13 double-sided letter blocks and a magic tunnel to load the blocks into the wagon, also features a removable activity panel, number pad, light up piano keys, turning book and manipulative gears. It will help your child discover objects, animals, phonics, colours, numbers alongside the various songs and melodies.
A fun toy for to bright up your little ones’ Christmas!

Buy Vtech 4 in 1 Alphabet Train from £54.99

The Wicked Mega Spin

The Wicked Mega Spin is the coolest yo-yo range on the planet! We’ve created four slick models for dfferent play styles, so you’ll be ‘walking the dog’ and ‘hopping the fence’ with ease! Looking for an entry level yo-yo with long spin times? The Uranus has you covered! Maybe you’re after a yo-yo with auto-return technology? No worries, grab a Gravity! How about taking your skills to the next level? Try Saturn with its super long spinning ball-bearing axle and colour changing LED lights…you’ll yo-yo like a pro in no time!

Buy the Wicked Mega Spin from £10.00

Boppi Wooden Bamboo Marble Run

The boppi bamboo marble runs are eco-friendly and fun. Create and build multiple structures using the interchangeable and connectable parts to allow the marbles to travel from the top of the marble maze to the base via the spiral drop, rail tracks, and direction cylinders.  Suitable for tabletop play due to the round exit rope that collects the marbles as they finish the journey. Made with bamboo fibre, wood, and 100% recycled plastic.

Buy the Boppi Bamboo Marble Run from £26.99

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