App of the week: ChargedUp

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Who never ran out of battery in the middle of a coffee or while working outside without having any battery or phone cable to rely on? Well, pretty much everyone! This is where Charged Up comes to the rescue with its brand new application which enables users to charge their phones pretty much from everywhere.

What is ChargedUp?

ChargedUp is the largest and first phone charging station provider in Europe with charging stations in pubs, restaurants, and bars in the UK and Amsterdam with over 700 in London, all powered by green energy.  ChargedUp is revolutionizing the way you charge your phone by letting mobile users borrow a portable smartphone charger from a venue and drop it back off when they’ve finished using it.

How does it work?

If you find yourself running low when you’re out and about, a ChargedUp battery costs just £1 for 1 hour of charge. You will need to download the app on your phone for access to the power stations. It will cost a user a max £3 for 3 hours of use and then the remainder of the day for free! After this, you will be charged £3 per 24 hours of use, which will continue for a maximum of 10 days (£30) when you have effectively purchased the battery. ChargedUp’s portable power banks include cables for all types of phones giving you the freedom to charge on the go.

“Our solution uses an app to enable users to find the nearest stations, unlock a sharable power bank and then return it to any station in the network and only pay for the time they use. Our goal is to be never five minutes from a charge,” adds Tilmouth.

Supporting Sustainability

ChargedUp is proud to promote sustainability and to prove it, ChargedUp has teamed up with award-winning green energy suppliers, Octopus Energy, who match all the power used by the ChargedUp network worldwide with renewable energy directly into the grid. 

For more information about ChargedUp check out their website here.
We also invite you to download this fantastic application which will probably save your life more than once!