App of The Week: Streaks


To-do lists can be incredibly useful for getting tasks done on time and staying on top of ongoing projects. For some it can also be a source of procrastination, with no reward for keeping up with your daily tasks. That’s where Streaks app can help in creating good habits (or break bad habits) quickly and easily.

Streaks is an habit planner which is all about helping you form good habits. You begin by selecting a task and defining how often you want to do it. Tasks are subsequently checked off, and you can track your progress by way of the app’s various graphs and statistics.

Where Streaks succeeds is in the flexibility of the tasks you can add, and the razor-sharp focus on getting habits infused into your routine. The stunning interface is suited to six tasks, forcing you to prioritize. You have also the option to set reminders, and mark items as done using the Today widget or an Apple Watch.

Task types are varied. There are those that integrate with Health, negative tasks (like smoking) to avoid completing, and timed tasks for things like meditation sessions. In all, it’s an excellent app for coaxing out a better you.

You can dowload Streaks here