What to choose: HyperX Cloud Flight S

What to choose

If you are a gaming addict, the HyperX Cloud Flight S is a great accessory to put on your wish list. This comfortable wireless gaming headset that executes on all the right features is the perfect asset to boost your gaming performance while enjoying high-quality audio.


  • Wireless Headphones
  • Super comfortable
  • Amazing sound for games and music
  • Handy ear-cup buttons
  • Great Design
  • Long battery life


  • A bit more expensive than its competitors
  • The wireless charger isn’t included

Handy and intuitive design

The Cloud Flight S looks a lot like its predecessor the original Cloud Flight, but probably not as much as the names might suggest.
Cloud Flight S is definitely a more low-key, contemporary, elegant device. It’s designed in matte black plastic, with an adjustable, notched headband and a white “HX” logo on either ear cup.

On the left earcup, you will find most of the special features. It includes a detachable & flexible mic, a power button, a surround sound button, and the last but not the least a micro-USB charging port.
The bonus: you can program these buttons to do almost anything, however by default, they control game/chat balance, as well as mic muting and sidetone.

The other controls are scattered around each ear cup, but the layout is quite easy to learn. The only control you’ll find on the right cup is the volume knob, which remains effortless.

The best performance for PC and PS4 gamers

The HyperX Cloud Flight S makes for a genuinely great gaming experience. It’s very comfortable, and even after multi-hour sessions. They have a great quality padding on the ear cups that feel very soft and nice to the touch. The Cloud Flight S may be a bit heavier and but it isn’t too noticeable and they should still feel super comfortable for most people to wear during long gaming marathons.

Whether you plan to use the Cloud Flight S to the game, listen to music, or watch movies, leaving the 7.1 digital surround sound effect switched on is essentially a must.

While gaming, the boosted bass may make the sounds of explosions and gunfire a little louder than they’d otherwise be, but they’re always going to be the loudest thing in a scene. You likely won’t run into any issues with game sounds drowning each other out to any noticeable degree.

The HyperX Cloud Flight S offers really good isolation, much better than most gaming headsets from its competitors.

Outstanding battery life and wireless charging

HyperX is banking on your desire to have Qi wireless charging support in everything you own, including in your next gaming headset. This is Cloud Flight S key feature.

The headsets give you up to 30 hours of gaming freedom with the convenience of both wireless charging and 2.4GHz wireless audio connectivity.
Unfortunately, the wireless charging pad is not included in the Cloud Flight S box. And without one in the box, many people will resort to using its Micro USB port to charge, which is the polar opposite in terms of ease of use. Yet, Hyper X offers a double wireless charging pad for as little as £59.99.

Our last thoughts

The HyperX Cloud Flight S are good quality wireless gaming headphones. They’re comfortable, performant, and definitely have one of the most outstanding battery life. Their microphone is also excellent, and your voice will sound full-bodied and clear. Even if it is quite more expensive than its competitors, Cloud Flight S offer a range of great features that will delight any gamer.

You can purchase HyperX Cloud Flight S from £149.99 and for more information visit www.hyperxgaming.com


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