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Sustainable, design, biodegradable, everything you need to know about Wild’s new deodorant


Switching deodorant is not an easy one, but you should definitely think about it twice when this is proved to be good for you and the environment! The new beauty brand Wild has launched its new eco-friendly deodorant which has nothing to envy from its competitors!

Good for you and the environment!

Wild is a new London-based cosmetic brand about to make the buzz in the deodorant industry. Their goal? Create a natural, effective and long-lasting deodorant that contains none of the harmful ingredients (like aluminium) that mainstream brands pack into their products.

Instead, thee brand decided to use natural ingredients like coconut, sunflower and shea for a cruelty-free, vegan deodorant that is completely free of aluminium and parabens.

To make their product even more interesting, Wild decided to go plastic-free by introducing compostable refills! What a great way to smell nice, while saving the planet!

An innovative Design

Wild decided to show its dedication to sustainable packaging with its compostable deodorant refill.

It has been designed with the help of the award-winning innovation studio Morrama. The design studio has helped bring to life Wild’s vision of creating a more eco-friendly and less wasteful deodorant container.

To do so, they utilised a refill made of 100% recyclable bamboo pulp that can be delivered straight to your door and is fully recyclable once used.

The design is the perfect showcase of challenging how products can empower customers to have a more positive impact on our world whilst making essential products more easily accessible, especially in a time when picking up essentials isn’t as simple as it once was.

Super easy to use, you just have to insert the refill into Wild’s aluminium holder, and take it off once you are done!

Various colours, various scents

The best part is you can personalise your deodorant and its case. You can choose from 3 different case colours including coral, silver and aqua but also choose the scent you like!
Wild put at your disposal a selection of 5 scents such as Mint Fresh, Rose Blush, Bergamot Rituals, Orange Zest and Coconut Dreams.

It is always refreshing to see brands and companies like Wild creating innovative and eco-friendly products. Wild’s new deodorant is definitely a must-have if you want to go plastic-free, vegan or cruelty-free.

You can purchase Wild Deodorant from www.wearewild.com


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