Beauty of The Future: The Best Beauty Innovations in 2019


With an increasing shift towards environment friendly beauty, brands are coming up with new technologies and methods to produce and rethink products with effective in results, AND a positive outcome on the environment! We will introduce you the beauty innovations that would have been unthinkable just months ago and can now be part of your daily routine. Check them out!

Smart Hair Straighteners

RevAir is a vacuum-like device which gently pulls strands taut and literally sucks the moisture out, drying and straightening hair three times faster than it would using a traditional blowdryer followed by a flatiron. The system allow the air to move downward and outward, in the same direction your hair cuticle lies so you get a smoother, less frizzy result.
From £359.00 on RevAir website

Customisable Skincare

We all know that all skin types are not equal, that’s why Clinique came up with the iD Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly & Active Concentrate Cartridge, a customisable beauty product that targets different skincare issues, helping you to achieve the perfect skin. Just pick a cartridge that fits your concern from texture, irritation, fatigue etc.. The cartridge will then be blended with a moisturising base, totally adapted to your skin type.
From £26.00 on

Smart Beauty Mirrors

HiMirror is like your very own private 24-7 beauty consultant, providing beauty, health and fitness tips, plus helpful videos and articles. The system developed assesses your skin’s condition and make the best use of your existing skincare products which are also supplemented with reviews by those with the same skincare concerns as yourself.
No longer is your mirror just a reflection of present reality. It’s now an opportunity to discover a new you, and a companion who reminds, encourages and inspires you on your new path to beauty.

Light Adaptive Concealer

This double-ended Estée Lauder concealer has one end to prep and hydrate skin and the other to correct. One end acts as a primer, blanketing skin with hyaluronic acid and create a smooth surface. On the other side, harnessing IntuiTone technology, the blend of optic-fused and jet-milled pigments that act like a chameleon, works with your natural undertone to detect changes in the light and adapt accordingly. So whether you’re under the artificial office lighting or in the sunshine, you’re completely covered!
From £25.00 on Estée Lauder website

Motion-Activated Skincare

The FaceGym Pro-Age Stick potent Multi-Vitamin Training Stick for your face contains our unique MyoSKNFIT™, Encapsulated Vitamin C & E and Hyaluronic Acid to replenish and revitalise the complexion, giving smoother, more even skin tone. The high potency Vitamin C & E is delivered in a double-layered encapsulation system allows a controlled release and longer-lasting effects.
From £38.50 on FaceGym website