When Fashion Meets Tech: Fifth and Blue


Fifth & Blue brings the best fashionable wearables to the public, so you can add a touch of Smart Tech to your wardrobe. The brand partnered with incredible innovators from across the globe to push boundaries and break all the rules in order to create fashionable and empowering wearables.

You can now find a wide range of Fashion Tech products in one place. Their website include everything from contactless payment rings, to smart tech handbags with Bluetooth connectivity for proximity alerts and a biometric fingerprint lock… Here is some of our favourite:

1. Woolet – Smart Tech Classic Wallet

 This stunning wallet from Woolet is the perfect solution, also beautifully handcrafted, leather Smart wallet complete with a seamlessly integrated tracker so you never lose your wallet again.
From £120.00 on Fifthandblue.com

2. K Ring – Contactless Payment Ring

Life just got simpler with this super-stylish K Ring, powered by Mastercard®. Simply tap your hand on the contactless card reader to pay, whether you’re buying a coffee or taking the Tube.
From £99.99 on Fifthandblue.com

3. FYB London – Smart Tech Exec Handbag

This luxurious leather handbag features Bluetooth® connectivity providing you access to proximity alerts so you never lose your handbag again. Plus additional peace of mind as it comes equipped with a biometric fingerprint lock so that only you can access the contents of your bag. And if that’s not enough now you’ll never run out of battery as it comes also with a wireless charger!
From £305.00 on Fifthandblue.com

For more information and products, visit www.fifthandblue.com