The Plastic-Free and Biodegradable Sneakers revolutionizes The Fashion Industry


With the big debates around environment and climate changes, many companies are looking for a innovative solutions to reduce their plastic use and their impact on the eco-system. 

WAES, acronym for the classical elements of Water, Air, Earth and Sun, collaborated with designers, scientists and manufacturers to create the first and unique Plastic-Free and Biodegradable Sneakers, available in 4 models. 

According to WAES, each year the global footwear industry produces over 20 billion pairs of shoes which contain plastic and are impossible to recycle. The startup claims 99% of shoe soles are non-recyclable.
Using sustainable certified organic materials and natural processes, the brand decided to put people and the environment above profit to help a environment friendly consumerism.

They choose to use materials which cost many times that of other shoes but have strived to keep the final cost as low as possible via a direct model with low margins and a commitment to support ocean cleanups and tree planting, and we are also working towards carbon neutral certification. 

The uppers of the shoes are made from organic cotton and organic-tanned Italian leather. These uppers are free of metal, with no toxic coatings or fixatives, while the stitching is made from hemp, flax and cotton, the resin is vegan conifer glue, and the packaging is FSC-certified and reusable.

Their footwear collection will be fully life-cycle managed with no waste in the packaging or at the end of life. Our shoes will be returnable for a credit note, ground down, composted, and used as fertiliser on our own tree plantations. What a great idea isn’t it ?

Learn more about WAES and their project via their website