MacBook Pro 16-inch: a new success for Apple

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Apple has listened and made some necessary changes to deliver an excellent new MacBook to its users.

Boasting to be the “world’s best notebook”, the MacBook Pro 16-inch, gives the promise of a new Apple era. The new laptop has a larger 16-inch screen, has more power and showcase a newly designed keyboard that promises a great improvement over the controversial Butterfly mechanism keys introduced in the last major refresh of Apple’s laptop line-up.

Other improvements are including a better internal cooling, louder speakers, and the option to add 64GB of RAM plus 8TB of internal storage.

A must for pro users who love the MacBook Pro power, reliability and productivity. It has been designed especially to take full advantage of Mac hardware, deliver robust features with the highest possible performance and work seamlessly with other Apple devices.

Apple’s new baby, will begin shipping November 26 with a starting price of £2,399. However, that price can go over £5,000 once you add all the options

This update will surely be welcomed by MacBook Pro fans however the launch of the new product announces the end of one of Apple’s most popular laptops: the 15-inch Pro.

No doubt some retailers will continue to sell this older laptop whilst they have stock but if you head to the Apple Store you won’t find any sign of it.