What to choose: SodaStream Spirit

What to choose

If you love sparkling water and want to cut your plastic consumption, SodaStream is the right product for you. Easy to use and super design, the SodaStream spirit will make sure you have sparkling water at all times!


  • Easy to set up
  • Contemporary Design
  • Compact
  • Cut on plastic waste
  • Other flavours available


  • The Spirit version offers only a 1l plastic bottle (to use in the long term glass is probably better)

Your sparkling water in 30 seconds

The SodaStream Spirit is very easy to use. It comes as a starter pack which includes a SodaStream machine, one gas cylinder, and a 1L plastic SodaStream bottle. To start, just take the SodaStream machine and turn it around lifting the back section off, then twist in the carbonating/gas cylinder and you are almost ready to go!
Once the cylinder is in place, turn it around and pop your bottle in. Fill the bottle with water – making sure you do not go past the fill line – and press the button between 3 and 5 seconds depending on how fizzy you like your water.  
Et voilà, freshly made sparkling water in less than a minute!

Good for the environment

You’ve probably thought on all the best ways to cut on plastic, SodaStream Spirit could the answer if you are a sparkling-water addict. No need to buy your weekly pack of sparkling water, instead just turn your water into your favourite drink. On top of saving quite a lot of money, you will also help the planet – and reduce your waste. Another great news: you can also recreate your favourite soda with the SodaStream Spirit! In fact, SodaStream offers a large selection of soda flavours including Diet Cola, Lemonade, Classic Orange from £3.99 for 9 litres.

A great kitchen gadget

The SodaStream Spirit is a great gadget to own! Compact, discreet it won’t take much space on your countertop and will bring a stylish touch into your kitchen. The price is reasonable, count only £99.99 for the SodaStream Starter Pack. However, we would advise you to go for the range above, the SodaStream Crystal which features a dishwasher-safe glass carafe instead of the plastic one included in the SodaStream Spirit.
In overall, this gadget is a really fun way to turn your water into your favourite soda or sparkling water at home. It will make you save space, money and reduce your carbon footprint, all at once!

For more information, you can visit www.sodastream.co.uk


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