8 Gadgets to keep your kids entertained this Summer


Summer is around the corner, and most parents are wondering how to entertain their kids – and it can be trickier than it looks!
We’ve rounded up 10 of the most inspiring kids gadgets to educate and entertain your children this Summer!

RollPlay Wave Catcher

The outdoor walks will never look the same with the Rollplay Wave Catcher. This is the original combination of scooter and skateboard with an adjustable handlebar. Simply turn it in the right direction, shift your weight and accelerate up to speeds of 16 km/h. The brake is located on the back wheel. Bring the smooth feeling of a California beach right to your own driveway!

The FlexBar handle allows you to control the ride with either hand, one-handed, or perform tricks with extreme leans while still staying upright.
What a fun way for your child to spend his time outdoor!

Purchase the Wave Catcher from £136.00 here.

Yoto Player

The Yoto Player is a child-friendly audiobook speaker. It’s designed to provide a distraction-free experience for youngsters, and the simple design reflects this.
On top of the player, there is a slot for inserting cards that include stories, songs, and curated podcasts. On its sides, there are two simple coral-colored buttons that allow you to skip content forward or back, and to adjust the volume.

Each card unlocks different content, so children can choose by themselves what they listen to. Parents can also get creative and use blank cards to adjust their own content – music, podcasts, or personal recordings.
The Yoto Player is a truly helpful speaker designed with the latest technology that offers a traditional way to educate your children.

Purchase the Yoto Player from £79.99 here.

Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit

Rainy day? Don’t worry Osmo is a great way to entertain your little ones while making them learn new skills!
Osmo gets kids to think and play in the real-world and see those creations come to life on the screen through augmented reality – it turns their tablet into a fun, educational tool and inspires little ones to love learning. 
Osmo’s collection of starter kits suit a range of ages and help kids develop skills in everything from English to maths and art. 
An amazing way to educate your kids while using technology!

Purchase Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit from £79.00

My Fabulous Storyteller, by Lunii

My Fabulous Storyteller aims to harness the power of the storytelling tradition; a long-standing art that has allowed families to create connections, evoke emotion, and stimulate the imagination for centuries.

Children can create their own personalised audio narrative by selecting from a range of characters, settings and objects with the easy-to-use wheel. The My Fabulous Storyteller then narrates a bespoke audio story that gives the child the opportunity to flex their creativity by inventing a whole new world including what their characters look like and where their adventure takes place.

You can purchase My Fabulous Storyteller from £60.00 here.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

Pop colours and unbreakable, Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet is one must-have if your little one likes playing games and watching cartoons. It comes with a bright coloured case and a two-year worry-free guarantee.

You will get all the standard tablet features such as movies, games, a web browser and even parental controls that allow you to lock it down, set time limits and age filters.
Another great feature is the curated kid-safe web browser which only accesses kids-friendly sites and videos!
It can be a great way to get some quiet time while travelling to your destination, so think about it!

Purchase Amazon Fire 7 Kids tablet from £99.00

Web Springsafe 10ft Trampoline

The WEB trampoline offers a brand new innovation into the world of bounce, giving an exciting alternative to our spring-based trampolines.
Free of springs, the WEB has woven, elasticated bungee webbing in place of traditional steel springs. Enjoy hours of bounces with your children!
Say goodbye to long afternoons under the sun without activities, the WEB trampoline is the promise of afternoons filled with fun!

You can purchase the WEB trampoline from £449.99

Learning Resources EI-1125 Artie 3000

For the kid who loves art and science alike, Artie 3000 will make a great gift. An upgrade to the classic Spirograph toy, this bug-eyed little bot tucks a marker into its body and draws out whatever pictures and patterns its human counterpart enters into an app. Amazing right! Combining art and technology this smart robot encourages spatial reasoning skills, planning, and programming, and the end result is a lasting piece of art.

Purchase Artie 3000 from £70.00 here

Doona Liki Trike Folding Bike

Designed to grow with your child, the Doona Liki Foldable Trike S1 – Grey is suitable for toddlers from 10 months to 3 years old.
Just move between Liki’s functional product stages as your little one grows. The sleek design of the Doona Liki Foldable Trike allows you to be safe and have fun as it elegantly combines functionality and aesthetics – plus its world’s most compact folding trike.
Designed to easily fit in the boot of your car or the airplane’s overhead bin, this trike allows you to travel comfortably with your child. Folding and unfolding simply at the click of a button, the Liki Trike is an ideal companion for your everyday lifestyle, as well as your travels.

Purchase the Doona Foldable Trike from £189.99 here


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