How to make Christmas more meaningful?

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Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. People seem happy, joyful and are, even maybe incline to do something more meaningful.
So if you want to take this big (or small) step and do something to make this Christmas more meaningful, we’ve put together some suggestions that can add more meaning to your holiday celebrations.

8 Ways to make Christmas more meaningful

1. Buy gifts from those profits are going to charity

2 good deeds for 1! Christmas presents can be meaningful. Buying from a charity or just an item from which the profits will be donated, there are plenty of ways to show your loved ones, and the planet, a little love. 

For example, you can get the Ultra Facial Cream by Kiehl’s which raise money for the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, to help fund global HIV and Aids prevention projects all over the world. This is the third year that Kiehl’s have partnered with the foundation and have helped to raise over £300,000 over the years. This year they will donate £5 to the foundation for each pot sold.

Priced at £24.50 and available from

2. Choose alternative gifts better for the planet

Mum, best mate, niece and nephew… 
Be kind to the planet this Christmas by buying eco-friendly gifts, there are pretty cool ones out there! What a beautiful gesture: you’ll be helping the planet and making someone happy.

The audio brand The House of Marley has the perfect sustainable gift to treat your eco-conscious loved ones. ​ House of Marley Liberate Air Wireless Earbuds are crafted From Sustainable Materials, using bamboo, aluminium, wood fibre composite and REWIND™️ fabric composed of 100% recycled PET. The ethically sourced materials used in the design and craftsmanship of Liberate Air are at the heart of the Marley mission of creating earth-friendly, socially responsible products. Every purchase of Liberate Air contributes to the planting of trees through donations to partner organization One Tree Planted, supporting global reforestation and the general welfare of our planet, minimising unwanted plastic waste and polluting our seas. I mean, what else?

 House of Marley Liberate Air Wireless Earbuds – £129.99

You can also get the newly-launched Nest Mini, a great eco-addition to your home. The stylish fabric and casing are created using two recycled plastic bottles each, and the beautiful new Sky colour is inspired by views of Italy’s Lake Como. 

Google Nest Mini – £49.00

3. Choose the right wrapping paper

More than half of us re-use last year’s wrapping paper. While many of us don’t realise is that many wrapping paper rolls contain non-recyclable elements like foil, glitter or plastic.
You can opt instead for recycled wrapping paper brown paper or tissue. If you’d like to be a bit more creative, you can try knot wraps made with colourful fabric squares or store gift bags to reuse them more than once with a new tag.

4. Support Small Businesses

Try to buy local! Presents bought locally means you will be supporting small suppliers and businesses while minimising your carbon footprint. There are initiatives such as Small Business Saturday which help and support local retailers.

You can go for this speaker by Gomi. Made in the UK, the Gomi speakers are made from 1.2kg of non-recyclable plastic waste sourced from Brighton, and handcrafted into a portable speaker box to house our 2 x 50w drivers (full-range and tweeter) plus Bluetooth amplifier system. Every speaker is completely individual, with its own bespoke handmade marbled pattern from the waste plastic.

Gomi Speakers – £299.00

5. Rent your Christmas Tree

Each year seven million real trees will be dumped in January rather than recycled. When you buy a tree, ensure it’s been grown as locally as possible: you can go to or to find out about growers in your area.
After Christmas, instead of throwing your Christmas tree go to recyclenow to find out about drop-off points in your area, where your old tree will be recycled into chippings for local parks and woodland areas. What a great idea!

6. Switch to LED Christmas lights

LEDs are much more environmentally-friendly and use up to 80% less energy than traditional lights. So switch for environment-friendly light decorations and use solar-powered lights outdoors. You’ll not only make environmental savings but your energy bills will be reduced too.

7. Donate money to charity

With more and more of us moving away from traditional Christmas presents and looking to be a little more meaningful when Christmas shopping.

GoodGood Giving is offering the chance to donate on behalf of a friend, gifting them the ticket to be in with the chance of winning a unique experience as a prize. For more information visit where you can make a donation for yourself or on behalf of a loved one for as little as £10 and win the experience of a lifetime because it feels good to give and good to get back.

8. Share Transport

Many of us will be crisscrossing the UK over the Christmas holidays, driving significant distances to visit family and friends. The Carbon Trust advises people to check to see whether you can share a car or take public transport.

Use car-sharing websites and apps such as GoCarShare for the festive season. It means a lower carbon footprint for each passenger, less traffic on the roads, low fuel costs and hopefully enjoying some company on the way.