App of the week: Cleanfox

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2020 is only a few weeks away, which means “New year, new resolution”. Cleanfox app will help you to become more eco-active and conscious about digital pollution.

Why using Cleanfox?

According to Cleanfox, on average each British receives over 2,850 promotional emails per year. This is equivalent to 28.5 kilos of CO2 per year or enough to power a lightbulb for 137 days.

Maybe you didn’t even know that email storage was causing pollution! So why not choose 2020 as a fresh start to fight against digital pollution. Each step big or small makes a difference to save the planet. The internet is very important to our everyday lives, but we need to be conscious of the way we use it.

How to use Cleanfox?

  • You can connect to Cleanfox’s website or download their app on Android and iPhone.
  • Then, it automatically creates a list of emails by securely scanning them, looking at their open rate, carbon footprint and the number of emails received.
  • You’re then free to delete and/or unsubscribe by swiping left or right- a bit like a dating app!
  • Once you’ve cleaned up your inbox, the app gives you access to your custom statistics where you’re able to measure your impact on your inbox and the environment too!

Edouard Nattée, Cleanfox CEO and Co-founder, is very optimistic about the future of digital pollution.

He mentioned, “2020 will see a rise in businesses applying tech-for-good solutions to permanently erase emails/data to dramatically reduce carbon footprint, making them smarter, stronger and more efficient. Digital is here to stay, so we must start using free tools like Cleanfox that scans your emails and alerts you to unwanted promotional emails for you to easily opt-in or out – quickly. We have already deleted over 2 billion emails since 2016, saving businesses and people over 20,000 tons of CO2

For more information, you can visit the Cleanfox website.