10 Must-Have Gadgets Babies and Parents this Summer

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We are in the middle of the Summer, and if you are a parent, you probably have the difficult task to keep your little family happy whether you are staying at home or travelling. That’s where we come to the rescue! We’ve put together an amazing selection of gadgets, that will make parenting a breeze for the rest of the Summer! Whether you are a new parent or already experimented, we got your back!

Babymoov YOO Baby Monitor

They say you can’t buy peace of mind. The YOO Baby Monitor is about to prove the opposite!

This 360° motorised baby monitor that watches over your little one at all times. With the camera placed in your little one’s nursery, you can control its movements remotely from your receiver. You can tilt it from front to back as well as from right to left.

This video baby monitor has been designed for your baby’s well-being. It creates a reassuring environment in the nursery. The base of the camera houses a multi-coloured night light. The slightly glittery finish combines with a choice of 7 colours to diffuse a very soft light. What’s more, the YOO Moov also features lullabies to soothe your little one, as well as a temperature sensor enabling you to check the temperature in your baby’s nursery.

Buy Babymoov YOO Baby Monitor from £179.99

Izmi Baby Carrier

Appreciate the joys of babywearing wherever you go, with the wonderful Izmi Baby Carrier. The award-winning carrier is renowned for its adaptable design as it seamlessly combines the functionalities of a soft structured fabric sling, with the support of a buckled carrier.

On top of being super easy to use, it is also multifunctional! You can adapt it for use from newborn up until 18 months. A lot of baby carrying in perspective!

Buy Izmi Baby Carrier from £80.00

SNOO Smart Sleeping Cot

Your baby sleep will never be the same with SNOO Smart Bassinet. Here is a call to all sleep deprivated parent, this smart cot will change your lives!

The fancy bassinet, is full of tech, from top to bottom. It has three microphones, a speaker and two motors that create different rocking motions. To turn on the Snoo, you have to swaddle the baby in one of the Snoo’s sleep sacks and clip the sack into the sides of the bassinet. This is to ensure that your baby won’t roll over in the middle of the night. Once the baby is in place, you start the Snoo with a button on the base or with the Snoo iOS or Android app on your phone. This will initiate a gentle rocking motion and a soft white noise that sounds like rainfall.

SNOO could be compared to a second nanny! It definitely helps your baby settle during the night and also her naps. Best to use from 0 to 6 months, you will need then to think about transitioning your baby to her own bed.

It may seems a bit pricy (around £800 on offer right now), but it totally worth it if you want to get some rest and help your baby to fall asleep more quickly.

Buy the SNOO smart bassinet from £801.50

Medela Swing Flex Electric Breast Pump

If you are breastfeeding but you are not very keen on using formula, the Medela Swing Flex will become your new best friend. This Electric Breast Pump is a little gem allowing you to express your milk pretty much everywhere in a very short amount of time!

You can take it pretty much anywhere, it is small and really compact and fit in a handbag! Plus, Medela Flex has a unique oval-shaped breast shield that can be rotated 360°, which helps mums to truly find the right position when expressing. Thanks to the thoughtfully designed soft and flexible rim, the new design also provides a comfortable and effective seal.

Buy the Flex Swing Electric Breast Pump from £139.99

JoJo Maman Bébé Buggy Organiser

This Buggy Organiser by Jojo Maman Bébé will be a discovery for new parents! Do you like to go out and about, yet you don’t want to carry your bag around? This organiser got it sorted!

Strap it on your buggy, and tidy all your important belonging in the organiser! Want to grab a coffee? No problem, there are two spaces available to carry drinks and water bottles! The DREAM!

Buy the Jojo Maman Bébé Carrier from £15.00

KitchenAid Blender K400

Baby food, smoothies, frappucinos, you can pretty much do everything with the Kitchen Aid K400.

This blender will become an essential for your Summer and the rest of the year! On top of being super stylish, it is also super powerful. It has been designed to tackle nuts, fine seeds, ginger root, dense fruits and leafy greens like kale, blending them down to the finest consistency for your creations.

Bonus? The K400 blender has a soft-start feature which begins the motor at a slower speed to fold in ingredients and then quickly increases to avoid splatter.

Buy the KitchenAid K400 from £285.50


If you are used to travel and don’t especially own a car, CarGoSeat will become your best companion. Super compact, this car seat is adapting easily to any car or van. Portable and practical, the car seat also turns into a lightweight wheeled case with pull-along handle, helping kids to feel all grown up.

Buy the CarGoSeat from £49.99

Nuby UV Dummy Steriliser

Dummies on the floors, dummies in the sand, parents’ daily problem, even more while travelling. Fortunately for your Nuby has invented the perfect gadget to keep your little one’s dummies sterelised at all times.

This UV Dummy Steriliser zaps bacteria without water, microwaves or chemicals, sterilising dummies in 1 minute. Simply pop a dummy into the compact unit, press ‘STERILISE’ to start a 1 minute UV cycle and you’re good to go straight away.

Compact, the steriliser is easy to put with your bag, or just attach it to the buggy thanks to its own small strap!

Buy Nuby’s UV Dummy Steriliser from £20.00

Babybrezza® Formula Pro Advanced

Say goodbye to stressful bottle preparation with the Babybrezza Formula Pro Advanced. The amazing device help you to  combines formula with water to prepare the perfect consistency for little one’s mealtimes.

This gadget can save you up to 30 minutes per day and works with all brands of formula and bottles to create the perfect milk for your little one.
It is easy to use: the LCD screen keep it simple and straight forward – no complicated manual adjustments, the perfect temperature formula will be created at a click of a button.

Buy the Babybrezza Formula Pro Advanced from £199.00

Contigo Water Bottle

Let your kids drink while having fun with Contigo Water Bottle. Featuring an amazing range of colourful patterns it is the perfect gift and accessories for your adventurous little one!

Each bottle boasts Contigo’s patented AUTOSPOUT™ technology, an efficient design which stops leaks and spills for even the most adventurous of children, meaning your child can stay hydrated without the worry of spatters or mess. This 100% spill-proof technology is achieved through a small valve which operates even when the bottle is held upside down.

A must-have for any kids over 2!

Buy Contigo Water Bottles from £17.99


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