The Top Advent calendars you should get this year!

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As it turns out, advent calendars are not only for chocolate lovers and turn to be more and more surprising and creative! The 2022 holiday season is just around the corner and it is the perfect time to treat yourself with one of these original pre-Christmas gift!

Holland & Barrett 25 Days of Conscious Beauty Advent Calendar

Holland & Barrett has gone above and beyond with the Beauty Advent Calendar 2022. This advent calendar is a must-have for anyone looking for any vegan and cruelty-free beauty lovers as it includes 25 conscious beauty products that are kind to skin and also the planet. Beauty fans will find favourites from Holland & Barrett’s own brands, Pip & Pod, VitaSkin and Miaroma, as well as big-name brands Dr Organic, Q+A, Evolve, Ethique and many more.

Buy Holland & Barrett Advent Calendar from £35.00

Bird & Blend Tea Advent Calendar

Tea fans will be delighted with this beautiful advent calendar from Bird & Blend. Every day, you will be able to discover 2 festive brews from their range. One for you, one to share with a loved one. You’ll find yourself enjoying new and exclusive flavours switching from your daily English Breakfast, and bringing some Christmas sparkles into your cuppa.

Buy Bird & Blend Tea Advent Calendar from £38.00

Popcorn Shed Advent Calendar

Popcorn Shed’s released not one but two advent calendars so everyone can enjoy the countdown until Christmas. Each of them is costing £24.99, and you can opt either for the gourmet calendar or the vegan one (or both, why not!). You will be able to discover new and intriguing popcorn flavour, perfect to enjoy from the comfort of your sofa in front of a Christmas movies. There are six flavours to enjoy, enough to be excited for the next day’s offering.

Buy Popcorn Shed’s advent calendars from £24.99

Niederegger marzipan Advent Calendar

A nostalgic Christmas with the Niederegger marzipan, the benchmark in marzipan since 1806. Each window in this over-sized Santa calendar includes a piece of the finest Niederegger marzipan, truffles or pralines. Some days you get more than one treat.

Buy Niederegger marzipan Advent Calendar from £49.95

Harry Potter Jewellery Box Keepsake Advent Calendar

Bring the magic of the world’s most loved story to the festive period with our Harry Potter Jewellery Advent Calendar. Packed with officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise, Potter fans will love opening a new door each day.

Buy Harry Potter Jewellery Box Keepsake Advent Calendar from £48.00

Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar

From the first day of December, you can pop open a door a day to find a solid milk chocolate sculpture. Will your favourite be the reindeer, snowman or the penguin? Each chocolate is accompanied by an uplifting message to keep your spirits high during this festive season. It can be stressful buying presents and trying to find the elusive end to the sellotape when wrapping, so Hotel Chocolat milk chocolate shapes are there to bring a moment of calm to your day.

Buy Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar from Amazon at £13.00

T2 ‘Sip the Future’ Advent Calendar

T2 never disappoints with the design, or the flavourness of their brews. This beautifully designed advent calendar will surprise you with 24 different tea flavours from Green Rose, Pumping Pomegranate, Turmeric Ginger Ninja and many more. An amazing way to discover the T2 range and uncover blends we couldn’t even dream of. Plus, as a little reward, you’ll also enjoy some beautiful motivational quotes on every tea pack!

Buy T2 advent calendar from £22

Rituals Beauty Advent Calendar

No matter your age, Christmas should be filled with magic. Amongst the rush of preparations and festivities, its’s important to slow down and treasure the meaningful moments to be found in the everyday. The Rituals  Advent Calendar is here to add a sprinkling of surprise to every morning, with 24 magical moments waiting to be discovered in the countdown to Christmas. Treat yourself or someone you care about to the gift of excitement this Christmas as they discover the luxury gifts that lie behind each door. 

Buy Rituals Advent Calendar from Amazon at £74.50

Schleich Advent Calendar Horse Club

The HORSE CLUB was founded when the girls found a wooden chest full of mysteries. Just like HORSE CLUB Hannah, you’ll open a world of surprises with each door you pry open in the HORSE CLUB Advent Calendar. Each numbered door in the 2022 HORSE CLUB Advent Calendar contains a special surprise. This year’s calendar includes two horse figurines and a total of 24 HORSE CLUB accessories to build your collection. Picnic baskets and apples, grooming supplies and miniature animals – there’s something special in every box! 

Buy Schleich Advent Calendar Horse Club from £29.99

Farhi Assorted Chocolate Selection

This opulent Chocolate Almond and Nougat Selection Gift Box makes a stunning centerpiece for a party or special occasion. Presented in our signature style gift box, it’s filled with favourites from our much-loved almond collection, and complemented by our deliciously sweet and chewy honey-and-almond nougat, which is made to a traditional recipe. Containing Belgian dark, milk and white chocolate, there is something for every sweet tooth in this chocolate covered nut assortment.

Buy Farhi assorted chocolate selection from £30.00

The Fragrance Shop Advent Calendar

The festive season just got even more exciting with the announcement of The Fragrance Shop’s hugely anticipated beauty and fragrance calendar. This year’s best beauty fragrance calendar is back, bigger and better than ever. 
This year The Fragrance Shop has enlisted more big-brand names than their previous calendars, making this year’s contents .
Brands include Versace, Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Paco Rabanne, as well as a Jennifer Lopez fragrance and a £10 off The Fragrance Shop voucher, so you can spray a little happiness everyday this festive season.

Buy The Fragrance Shop Advent Calendar from £99.00

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