The 14 Home Office Accessories you need right now

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If the year of lockdown taught us one thing, it is: you need a comfy and practical work space at home. So if you are planning to upgrade your “work-from-home” space, you will be delighted to discover the most popular gadgets and accessories for your home office right now!

Off The Grain Oak Computer Desk

Working from home doesn’t need to be a chore with this beautifully handcrafted oak computer desk. The desks minimalist design means there is plenty of leg room, and give you the opportunity to add decorations and other accessories. The desk showcases an amazing quality, perfect for those who like to keep their furniture intact for a long time.

Buy the Off The Grain Computer Oak Desk from £200.00

Pure DiscovR Smart Speaker

The compact and portable DiscovR from Pure features clearly detailed, immersive 360° sound, the hands-free voice control of Alexa, as well as the wide choice of audio available through internet radio and online music services. It’s an amazing gadgets for workers wanting to stay connected while working.
You can also link it up to other compatible speakers for a multi-room audio listening experience, or play your content directly from your smart device using Bluetooth.

Buy Pure DiscovR Smart Speaker from £179.00

HP E27d G4 Docking Monitor

Owning a monitor is the ultimate comfort when working from home. A bigger screen can definitely help your productivity! If there was ever a good time to upgrade your home office, it’s now. For the best office setup, you need a good monitor connected to your laptop or desktop. That’s where the HP E27d G4 comes in. The resolution is fantastic and colours are bright with excellent white balance, it has a sleek design with thin bezels, there are tons of ports, and a clever pop-up webcam.
The HP E27d G4 is worth the money thanks to its flexible design, good picture quality and multiple productivity features that make this monitor super convenient to use. 

Buy the HP E27d G4 monitor from £450

Melitta epour coffee machine

If you are a coffee lover you will definitely fall for Melitta’s new addition the epour. The famous company brought filter coffee to a whole new level with this new device designed to provide you with your best coffee experience. Every detail is devised to perfect coffee preparation: the rotating water outlet with individual brewing profiles, the pre-brewing function and the constantly high brewing temperature together create a taste experience that will impress you. Showcasing a sleek and minimal design, it will perfectly find its place in your kitchen or home office.

Buy Melitta epour from £199.99

INEOS Sanitiser Dispenser

After a full year of pandemic, a sanitiser dispenser is almost a must in your home. Keep your space safe and clean with the beautifully designed INEOS Sanitiser Dispenser. The device is not only convenient but also durable and avoid any waste. Easy to use for guest or coworkers, so you can make sure hygiene and safety are always at its top in your home office.

Buy INEOS Sanitiser Dispenser from £179.00

Epson EcoTank ET-2710 Printer

What is a good office without its own printer? The Epson EcoTank ET-2710 is a refillable printer cartridge free printer that is supplied with high yield ink bottles. On top of being highly-performant and providing an amazing picture printing resolution, the ET-2710 is also eco-friendly! It reduces considerably ink usage, and allows you to print more for longer time without sacrificing quality.
A really good investment if you are tired to change the ink several times a month and still want a high quality printer.

Buy Epson EcoTank ET-2710 from £189.99

Zagg Powerstation Wireless XL

Your devices will never run out of battery again thanks to Zagg! Just place your iPhone or AirPods on the charging surface to charge wirelessly with just the push of a button. Just let it sit on your desk while working and your phone will have its full power when you the most need it. You can also use the 18W USB-C PD port to charge you iPhone charge at the fastest speed possible, so you never have to worry about running out of power. When it’s ready for a charge, just drop the powerstation wireless XL on any Qi-enabled wireless charger.

Buy Zagg Powerstation Wireless XL from £99.95

Twelve South Curve Laptop Stand

When working from home, comfort is key. You can spend hours on your laptop, posture does matter if you want to avoid any physical pain. That’s where Twelve South Curve comes to the rescue! The stylish stand features an improved ergonomic design, so users no longer have to hunch over and tilt their heads downwards towards a screen. You can now elevate your MacBook to a more comfortable height, relieving your neck and shoulder strain in the process.

Buy the Twelve South Curve from £59.99

ADAPT 660 Headset

Concentration is key when you are working from home. Sometimes you may be distracted by noises or other sounds, and that’s the reason why a good headset is essential. The ADAPT 100 is the latest headset from EPOS. It features built in smart audio tech that enables a disruption free experience, with EPOS Voice™ technology and a noise-cancelling microphone to optimize your speech and enhance calls.
The design also provide a maximum of comforts for those who spend a lot of times in calls and online meetings.
The headset covers all the needs any professional working from home may require!

Buy the ADAPT 100 from £349.00

Swann Wire-Free Security Camera

Are you keeping confidential information and documents in your home office? Then you may need to opt for an indoor security camera. The innovative and completely wireless camera by Swann, is discreet and a perfect option to keep an eye on your office while you are away. It can be set-up in seconds and mounted indoors or outdoors; its state-of-the-art smart security features such as free face recognition, an ultra-wide 180-degree viewing angle, and two-factor authentication allow for total peace of mind.

Buy the Swann Wire-Free Security Camera from £149.99

SodaStream Spirit

Stay hydrated with your favourite sparkling water or homemade soda thanks to SodaStream Spirit. Coming in different colour you can match your desk accessories with your SodaStream device. You can get a fresh sparkling water in one tap, and get to choose from an infinity of flavour if you prefer something sweet. It is a great way to stay hydrated while working long hours in your home office.
The bonus? It helps you reduce your plastic consumption and save the planet! So cool right?

Buy SodaStream Spirit from £59.99

Missguided Homeware Collection

Bring some colours into your office with the new Missguided Homeware collection. Contemporary and super stylish, the collection features an amazing range of interior accessories, from throws, to candles, wall art, and more to make your office your very own space, at a very affordable price.

Buy Missguided Homeware collection from £12.00

Creative Pebble V3

Whether you like loud music, or just hearing properly your colleagues on Zoom, the Pebble V3 speakers are the perfect addition to your office space. Improved from its predecessors in the same series, enjoy enhanced USB audio performance at higher power output without distortion! It is now powered entirely via USB-C for both audio and power, our newest Creative Pebble V3 also features larger 2.25″ full-range drivers that are capable of delivering better audio and rich acoustics performance, at double the sound intensity.

Buy the Creative Pebble V3 from £34.99

STABILO 88 point

An office isn’t really complete without the stationary. This where STABILO comes to the rescue. Whether you like to keep it simple or prefer to organise tasks by colours, STABILO 88 point range showcases plenty of colour no matter your taste. A great way to structure your work, or just to add some colourful touch into your documents and notes.

Buy STABILO 88 point sets from £11.39


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