What to choose: Bissell PowerClean Carpet Cleaner

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The Bissell PowerClean carpet cleaner is powerful enough to handle the toughest stains on your carpet and rug areas. It is lightweight enough to quickly grab and start cleaning those dirty carpets. Featuring 4 Row Motorized Deep Reach PowerBrush, this great device gives your carpets a deep clean, washing away the dirt and grime that a vacuum can’t reach, with its two tank technology.

Lightweight and contemporary design

If we had to take away one thing about this model, it would be the fact that it’s a lot smaller than average (the cleaning head is just 24cm in width) and, at 5.6kgs – a lot lighter than its competitors. This means it’s very easy to store away if you live in a smaller flat and also light enough to carry up and down. 

The design is also very functional: both the clean and dirty water tanks are easy to insert and remove, with the clean tank clicking into place on the handle, and the larger dirty tank fixing to the base with quick-release clips.
Its narrowness helps you clean the narrowest space and even if it means you may have to do more passes than other carpet cleaners.

Small and extremely powerful

At 2.36 litres, the Bissell PowerClean’s clean water tank is enough to deep clean a room or two. The clean tank has fill lines for water and detergent, so you can get the correct mix to clean up your carpets.

The 600W Bissell PowerClean comes with a single 20cm cleaning brush comprising four spiralled rows of nylon bristles that dig deep into the pile, leaving a very clean finish in its wake. You can easily remove the brush and the transparent water channel head for cleaning.

After trying it we could notice that the PowerClean took away even more hairs and dirt on the carpet’s surface compared to the usual vacuum. On that note, it’s worth going over the entire carpet with the PowerClean in drying mode once you’ve finished cleaning. It will leave the carpet even more clean and will also remove the remaining water through the clear cover on the front of the machine.

A great deal for residential carpet cleaning

The Bissell PowerClean Carpet is perfect for those living on a small place with carpeted rooms. First, it is one of the cheapest carpet cleaners you can get on the market, but also one of the smallest and easiest to store away. It does a great job of removing dirt from carpets and cleaning up spills, however it may lack of versatility if you’d like to clean stairs, cushions, car or anything else.

Buy the Bissell PowerClean Carpet from £159.99


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