Owlet launches one-of-a-kind monitor tracking oxygen levels and heart rate for children aged up to five years old

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The Smart baby monitor brand Owlet has launched this month, its latest product innovation, the Smart Sock Plus. Like Owlet’s flagship product, Smart Sock 3, it monitors what really matters – tracking Baby’s heart rate and oxygen level – for the ultimate peace of mind and insights into their child’s well-being

The new launch now gives parents peace of mind beyond infancy, allowing them to keep an eye on their little ones from birth up to the age of five. This comes as 72% of Smart Sock owners say they wish they could continue using the Smart Sock beyond 18 months as their child grows. Using the same innovative pulse oximetry technology, the Smart Sock Plus also tracks sleep trends, helping parents build the best routines for their family.

Kurt Workman, Owlet co-founder and CEO, said: “The desire from parents to continue tracking your child’s well-being doesn’t stop at 18 months, and with the Smart Sock Plus, we’re offering a solution that parents have long been asking for. Just as parents want to know about our own sleep quality and well-being, we want to have the same data and insights about our children too. At Owlet, we fundamentally believe knowledge is power, so the more parents know about their little one’s well-being, including sleep trends, the more they’re empowered to provide the best care possible at home.” 

The Smart Sock Plus is currently available from Owlet’s website and John Lewis for RRP £329. This includes the Smart Sock sensor, Base Station and three sizes of fabric socks to grow with your child up to 25 kg. The Smart Sock Plus can also be paired with the Owlet Cam (£149) delivering the most advanced snapshot of your child’s well-being from birth to pre-school. Existing Smart Sock 3 customers can purchase an extension pack for £59 from Owlet, which includes an additional sock size that works with your existing Smart Sock 3 sensor. Owlet’s optimised technology will then continue to provide accurate readings as your child grows.  

For more information visit www.owletbabycare.co.uk


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