5 Productivity Apps to Save You So Much Time

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Procrastination and limited attention spans affect the best of us, but we can’t always skip a deadline, ignore workloads and so on.

So here are 5 Productivity apps to help you getting more productive every day, without burning out!

1. Forest – Give Your Phone a Break

Price: Free

t’s disappointing how much of our daily routine is affected not because of any real emergency or hurdle, but simply because we cannot leave our phones alone. A lot is said about the influence of phones on our lifestyles. But if we’re to fix it, why not use the phones to do so?

The concept behind Forest is simple. Users will plant a virtual sapling that grows into a tree, but only if you leave your phone alone and try doing something else, like a chore or a productive activity.

If the app detects that you have failed at leaving your phone, the growing tree will die. This app discourages cheating due to its lack of background operation. Once a planted tree starts growing it doesn’t stop, it either grows or it dies. By the end, you’ll save so much time that you’ll have warranted a moment with your phone.

Download the Forest App

2. Clockify – Premium Time Management Made Free

Price: Free

There is no shortage of daily activities marred by our lack of punctuality and time management skills. While we might not be able to help it, we still need a solution. Clockify aims to do just that with countless customizable settings and a simple yet foolproof plan to help you manage time.

Once logged in, users can set calendars, timesheets, and plan projects based on ideal time consumption. Your dashboard allows you to evaluate your timekeeping progress through detailed stats and helps you set future goals as well.

Download the Clockify App

3. If This Then That (Ifttt) – For Streamlined Activities

Price: Free + paid plans starting at $2.5

Sometimes the issue isn’t with the things we do on our phones, but just how long they take us. But if there are important tasks to be done, why not find a way to do so without wasting too much time and effort?

Ifttt enables you to take the tasks between your various phone apps and automate them so they can take place more quickly than they would buy your manual attempts. Whether you want to record a broadcast on your smart TV, activate sprinklers on time, or upload photos automatically once you upload them, you name it, ifttt does it so you don’t have to.

Download IFTTT app

4. Todoist – Smart To-Do Lists

Price: Free + Pro ($5/month or $48/year) or Team plans ($8/month or $72/year)

If you are looking forward to a gauntlet of tasks over the next day or week that you’re having difficulty organizing, Todoist is the app for you. With it, you can turn your itinerary into a to-do list where each assignment is prioritized for your ease.

The great thing about it is that it can be used for solo projects as well as team assignments, at work or at home.

Download the Todoist App

5. Evernote – Meaningful Note Taking

Price: Free + Plans starting at $8/month

Ever feel like you have so much to keep track of but never a notepad for doing so? That’s because no one wants to carry one at all times, unlike your phone that is.

With Evernote, you can keep track of just about anything, from to-do lists to reminders for organizing tasks, finding solutions, and noting them down. You can even use it as your personal e-journal.

Download Evernote app

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