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Let’s be honest, your chances of buying a gift for that special someone who is technology-obsessed is very high this year. So to help you select what to wrap for them this Christmas, we’ve put together a selection of some of the latest and most innovative gadgets and pieces of tech out there. 

Samsung Galaxy Flip3 5G

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 showcases an incredibly futuristic look without compromising on elegance. It is unique enough to trigger a sense of astonishment among people, yet never looks out of place. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 – with its unique clamshell design – is like the Jaguar of the smartphone world. It has its share of quirks and may not be for everyone, but will undeniably impress any tech lover.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Flip3 5G from £949.00

AIAIAI’s TMA-2 modular headphones

AIAIAI’s TMA-2 modular headphones are the perfect gift for any tech and music lovers who want a good-sounding pair of headphones that they can easily customize overtime. It also build-it-yourself headphone with the potential (how fun is that!) which give the AIAIAI a serious look.
The sounds and the performance are simply outstanding, and we would say above AIAIAI competitors. When it comes to battery life, you’ll get 16 hours of uninterrupted music, for your greatest pleasure.

TMA-2 Move signature modular design in tandem with innovative, responsible materials, also takes another step forward to environment friendly tech with 30% recycled plastics, high-quality fibres from ocean-bound waste, and 100% recycled packaging.

Buy AIAIAI TMA-2 Headphones from £200.00

JOBY GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit

We all know a social media addict, influencer-to-be or an entrepreneur who would make great use of The GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit. It has been especially designed for the Mobile Content Creator who wants to rig up their phone to create the best content.
The kit consists of 3 JOBY best-selling products including GorillaPod™ Mobile Rig, Beamo™ Mini LED and the Wavo™ Mobile microphone. This all-in-one gift is conceived to stabilise the phone, and then adds light and sound capture to finish the project.

Buy The GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit from £179.95

Amazfit GTR 3 Smartwatch

The Amazfit GTR 3 is the perfect gift for any tech and sport lover who love tracking their performance.
This smartwatch is much more performant and enjoyable than any of its competitors at the same price point. It showcases an amazing battery life as well as stylish design with comfortable antibacterial silicone straps. Its classic style matches different outfits – from your suit to your workout gear, and you can also customize your GTR 3’s watch faces to showcase all the information you need at a glance.

Buy Amazfit GTR 3 from £149.99

Emporia SMART.5

Looking for a nice yet practical gift to offer to your grandparents for Christmas? Emporia SMART.5 is one of your safest options out there! Not only is it an easy-to-use device, with simplified menus and large icons, the ingenious smart cover with its four responsive windows allows for far more functionality than smartphones have offered before.

Featuring a cover open, the SMART.5 also showcases a large 5.5 ”touchscreen is easy to control. There is also a super cool feature where they can adapt their own device to show their favourite or most used functions constantly available without having to open the phone.

Buy Emporia SMART.5 from £249.99

STEALTH PS5 Gaming Station

Everything you need to hit the heart of any gamer of your life. Enhance their PlayStation 5 experience with the Ultimate Gaming Station, always keeping their headset safe and controller fully charged – for many more hours of gaming. It comes complete with Station Base, Single Charging Dock, Headset Stand, and Gaming Headset, for the players greatest pleasure!

Buy STEALTH PS5 Gaming Station from £32.99


Offer to your loved ones, one of the best phone experience this Christmas. Featuring a super low-power mode allows your phone to intelligently standby overnight with little power consumption, using up only 1.78% battery over 8 hrs. Get the best photoshoot thanks to the AI camera recognising 22 types of scenes and intelligently applying scene enhancement algorithms so you can capture your most precious memories.

The A94 is also available in Slick colourways such as Fluid Black and Fantastic Purple, for a perfect match!

Buy OPPO A94 5G from £299.00

HyperX QuadCast S USB Microphone

Hit the heart of a future star streamer with the new HyperX QuadCast S! Featuring outstanding sounds, fan-favorite features, and a stunning RGB style, it is THE microphone any podcaster, YouTuber could dream about. Streamers, content creators, and gamers will enjoy convenient features like the bright LED mic status indicator and the convenient tap-to-mute sensor to help prevent broadcast accidents. The versatile QuadCast S lets you choose from 4 different polar patterns and is compatible with a variety of mic stands, an easy fit for most setups.

Buy HyperX QuadCast S USB Microphone from £159.99

Jabra Elite 7 Pro earbuds

Spoil your special someone with something magical this Christmas: the Jabra’s new, high-end Elite 7 Pro. These earbuds are Jabra’s smallest earbuds so far and come with eight hours non-stop play time, adjustable ANC and built-in Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. 
The Elite 7 Pro features a brand new MultiSensorVoiceTM technology, which combines a bone conduction sensor, four microphones and algorithms to ensure crystal clear calls with all your loved ones.  

Sound can also be tailored even further. By creating a personalised audio profile with Jabra MySound technology and using HearThrough you can define exactly how much outside noise you want to let in. 

Buy Jabra Elite 7 Pro earbuds from £199.99

Nextbase 522GW

The Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam is the perfect gift for adventure lovers, who like to capture each moment. The Dash Cam offers stunning 1440p HD resolution for crystal clear video recordings. The 522GW is fitted with an inbuilt polarising filter to dramatically reduce windscreen glare and reflection to produce enhanced recordings. It uses a vastly upgraded 3″ HD IPS touch screen for easy menu selection and a host of new and exciting features.

The 522GW is the world’s first 1440p Dash Cam with Alexa built-in. This means you can use full Alexa commands to play music, check the weather and control smart home devices, whilst also having direct communication with your Dash Cam to protect footage, start/stop recordings, send to your phone and take a picture. Pretty cool, right?

Buy the 522GW from £159.99

Moto G50

The Moto G50. Bringing together a 5G-enabled handset, long battery life, and impressive display technology – all at a wallet-friendly price. Motorola has long been stalwarts of the entry-level phone market, and the G50 is no different.

With the Moto G50 you can download films faster, play intensive online games, and watch YouTube videos without annoying delays. Capture a hilarious moment out with friends? Share it with others while it’s still funny. Forget to download a file at home? Do it on the go way faster than on a 4G network. 5G connections have virtually no lag time, so you never miss a thing.

Buy Moto G50 from £169.99

Pioneer DJ, DDJ-200

Get a loved ones into DJing with the easy-to-use DDJ-200 smart DJ controller. Lightweight and compact with a pro-style layout, it’ll help them learn to mix and, if they want to, develop DJing from a hobby into something more. They can always put on their own twist on the music as they mix for friends at parties. Play tracks via smartphones or PC/Mac using a variety of DJ apps and software including the dedicated, free app WeDJ for iPhone, as well as djay and edjing Mix.

Buy Pioneer DJ, DDJ-200 from £139.00

IMO Q4 Pro 2021  Smartphone

Small budget but you still want to impress this Christmas? Take their viewing experience to the next level with the IMO Q4 Pro2 021 ‘s high-definition 5.45″ screen. With edge to edge display, this sleek, compact design boasts high resolution and edge-to-edge display, giving you a widescreen experience for gaming, videos and it costs less than £55!

Buy IMO Q4 Pro from £69.99


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