waterdrop® Launches LUCY® The High – Tech Sustainable Bottle Cap that Filters Water and Tracks Hydration

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Waterdrop ® is launching LUCY® ; an exclusive , sustainable, and high – tech bottle cap that cleverly filters and purifies water, controls the level of hydration, and reminds users, day by day, when it’s time to drink more, whilst on the go , leading to a healthier lifestyle

How does LUCY works for you?

The innovative UV – C purification function deactivates up to 99 % of potential germs and bacteria in drinking water, whilst keeping the bottle clean and odour – free. Thanks to a special sensor, the LUCY ® Smart Cap records water consumption and automatically stores it for you in the waterdrop ® Hydration App.

By comparing your fluid intake with your daily hydration goals, you can easily monitor your progress and develop better drinking habits. Short flashes at regular intervals act as a reminder to reach individual daily targets. This can also be personalised in accordance with individual needs.

he innovation marks a move into the drink tech space for the Austrian brand, known for encouraging people to drink more water with it range of the world ’s first microdrinks – made from natural fruit and plant extracts, enriched with vitamins and without sugar . Designed to enable users to drink clean water directly at the point of consumption, LUCY® offers several forward – looking features in addition to the range of sustainable accessories.

The waterdrop® Hydration App

LUCY® works alongside t he waterdrop® Hydration App , track ing drinking progress on the device automatically, and regularly synchronising its hydration data – no extra action is needed . The app tracks water consumption and offers personalised drink reminders, while allowing users to visit the site, shop within the app and participate in challenges and streaks to earn points for the waterdrop club.

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android. iOS users can download it on an iPhone or iPod Touch running at least iOS 14. Android users can download it on a smartphone running at least Android 8 version.

LUCY® can be used on every waterdrop® bottle and is available to purchase for £119.

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