The 10 grooming gadgets every man should own


Yes, men also need to take care of themselves!
Male grooming has been totally overlooked in the past, but for modern men, it is an integral part of the daily routine. There is now a terrific array of grooming gadgets available and, misters let me present you our top picks!

PMD Personal Microderm Man

Say goodbye, to blackheads and oily skin with PMD Personal Microderm. This skincare tool is designed specifically for men’s skin and helps to reduce enlarged pores, eliminate in-grown hairs, and smooth rough skin.
Super easy to use, the device features black Smooth Glide caps and a wider range of discs for optimal results.
It also achieves amazing anti-aging results from the comfort of your home. It works just like a professional microdermabrasion treatment without the hassle or cost. It smooths away dead skin cells, diminishing age spots, and other signs of aging!

Purchase your PMD Personal Microderm from £159.00, here.

Panasonic ES-LV97 Blade Shaver

Probably one of the most essential grooming gadgets: The Panasonic ES-LV97 Blade Shaver. With its 5 blade shaving system and its own automatic cleaning station, Panasonic’s Blade Shaver offers an amazing shaving experience. It also includes various features including an Ultra-Fast Linear Motor, the Flexing Shaving Head and the Beard Sensor Technology. 
Definitely a must-have if you don’t own one yet!

Purchase Panasonic ES-LV97 Blade Shaver from £330.99

Waterpik Water Flosser Whitening

Get the brightest smile with Waterpik Water Flosser Whitening!
The latest innovation from Waterpik will help you to remove plaque and stains, as well as retain the natural level of whiteness you’ve been striving for.
The Waterpik Whitening Water Flosser, we become your best companion if you are from those craving a whiter smile without sacrificing gum health. Indeed, Waterpik shows that brushing alone is not enough; if you don’t clean interdentally, bacteria and food debris will get left behind, leading to complications such as gum disease from the plaque attaching to the gums.
If used daily, the product is clinically proven to remove up to an additional 25% of stains vs. brushing alone and for healthier gums, it’s proven to be up to 50% more effective for improving gum health vs. string floss!

Purchase Waterpik Water Flosser Whitening from £89.99

BeGlow Tia

The Innovative skincare brand, BeGlow offers the next generation in skincare with sonic devices TIA and PURA. It may look like electronic cleanser you have seen before but this gadget is good for your skin AND the environment.
BeGlow Tia has Smart SkinSense™ Pulsation Technology using gentle, yet powerful pulsations, moving impurities more effectively than cleansing with hands. The pulsations start when the cleansing brush touches your face, offering a variety of pulsations to fit individual skin types. The pulsation can smartly adjust from 4500 times per minute to 8500 times per minute, according to your skincare needs.

Purchase your BeGlow Tia from £199.99 here

Man Behind The Mirror, Teeth Whitening Kit

Upgrade your smile, with the fantastic Teeth Whitening Kit from Man Behind The Mirror. This home whitening kit is super convenient and will deliver great results from the comfort of your home.
The set includes mouth guard and tray, LED activation light, and three syringes pre-loaded with high-grade whitening gel.

Man Behind the Mirror Teeth Whitening Kit will give you a perfect smile after 6 days of use only. The bonus is that this kit is an affordable way to keep your teeth looking amazing without breaking the bank with the dentist’s appointments. Reassuringly, the cost of whitening gel refills is just £14.95, which makes for a cost-effective way to maintain your smile.

Purchase Man Behind the Mirror Teeth Whitening Kit from £49.99

Clarisonic Mia Facial Cleansing Device

Opt for the Clarisonic Mia Men Facial Cleansing device, the perfect tool to clean your beard, clear your pores, and get your skin ready for a better shave in just 60 seconds.
Super efficient, the device comes alongside with a Charcoal Brush Head, which can eliminate dirt, oil, sweat, and pollution both on and under your facial beard to cleanse 6x better than hands alone. Thanks to its waterproof casing, you can also use it in the shower.

Purchase Clarisonic Mia Facial Cleansing from £89.00

Philips Series 5000 Ears and Nose trimmer

Say goodbye to the unwanted nose, ear, and eyebrow hairs thanks to the precision trimmer from Philips.
With its powerful cutting system is designed to reach and great comfort. The safeguard trimmer avoids pulling, nicks, and cuts.
You will enjoy a safe, fast, and easy trimming, with a soft grip providing maximum control. The trimmer is also fully waterproof for easy cleaning and ensuring unbeatable performance.

Purchase Philips Series 5000 Trimmer from £26.50

BaBylissMEN 12 in1 Japanese Steel Face and Body Kit

Babyliss 12-in-1 Japanese Steel Kit is almost too good to be true. Giving you everything you could ask for, this cordless trimmer comes with 5 cutting heads, easy to change, and effortless to wash.
Get creative with the trimmer kit, sharpen those edges, cut it shorter, thanks to its ultra-smooth and effortless cutting. This kits will let you tend your beard, trim your nose, eyebrow or shave any part of your body with a professional precision
Its long-lasting battery provides 120 minutes of charge, giving you even more for your money.

Purchase Babyliss 12-in-1 Japanese Steel Kit from £80.00

Whal Chrome Ionic Dryer

Lightweight yet powerful, the Wahl Chrome Ionic Dryer features 3 heat and 2-speed settings, as well as a cool shot button to set your style. A removable filter also allows for easy cleaning, whilst the soft-touch grip gives you ultimate comfort and control.
The perfect tool to dry your hair quickly before going out!

Purchase the Wahl Chrome Ionic Dryer from £24.99

Colgate E1 Smart Electronic Toothbrush

Brighten up your smile, with the Smart Toothbrush Colgate E1.
This electronic toothbrush comes along with its own app and artificial intelligence for a perfect result!

It has been designed with the help of dentists, provides real-time feedback on your brushing habits in 16 zones of the mouth, to help you prevent dental probmeùs before they start. The Smart Electronic Toothbrush connects to your smartphone via the Bluetooth app available exclusively from Apple.

Purchase Colgate E1 Smart Toothbrush from £89.95


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