The Top 30 Gadgets to own in 2022

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We all love the arrival of a new gadget, something that will make life more convenient and entertaining for yourself, or help you out with a clever gift idea for a family or friend. That’s why we’ve put together some of the most interesting and innovative bits of tech out there right now in our list of the coolest, new gadgets we think you’ll love.

1. Dyson Solarcycle

Engineered for versatility and inspired by natural light, the Dyson Solarcycle has unique local daylight tracking and delivers light throughout a room in four different formats – as an indirect, task, feature or ambient light. Constantly providing you the right light for the right time of the day.
This latest lighting technology by Dyson tracks natural daylight and intelligently transforms for different uses, so the lighting in your environment align better with your needs.

Buy the Dyson Solarcycle from £649.00

2. REDUIT One Pro Hair Application

One of the top haircare gadget of the year is the Pro Hair Treatment Applicator, created by RÉDUIT. The exceptional device assists with making the application of RÉDUIT products quicker and easier, allowing you to indulge in a salon-worthy experience from the comfort of your own home. Expertly created to work seamlessly alongside Hairpods™ formulas, the device gently encourages the replenishing haircare products to work their magic to the best of their ability.

Buy REDUIT Pro Hair Treatment Applicator from £171.00

Urbanista Los Angeles Headphones

These are the world’s first self-charging wireless headphones.
Always Charging, Los Angeles headphones constantly charge whenever exposed to light, either outdoors or indoors, providing you with virtually infinite playtime. They also showcase a noise cancelling feature: with just a single press and it instantly cancels out ambient noises so you can enjoy your audio without interruptions.
Change a song, adjust the volume, answer a call, and then switch back to your music with the on-board controls. Or you can ask Siri or Google Assistant for help. And with on-ear detection the headphones will pause your music when you take them off.

Buy Los Angeles Headphones from £169.99

The FIERCE Skin Stimulator

The Pietro Simone Fierce Stimulator is a unique anti-ageing device with 4 powerful skin-loving technologies and 15+ years of skin science packed into an easy-to-use handheld tool. Now tiny electrical pulses, healing light, radio waves and soothing massage work together to turn back the clock on your skin.

Just prep your skin and choose red or blue and your intensity level of low, medium or high for a personalised facial massage & enhanced treatment session.

Buy the Fierce Skin Stimulator from £255.00

Juice Triple Wireless Charging Docking Station

Juice Charging Docking Station will help you charge all your most used devices while taking up just little space. No need to have 3 chargers around when the Triple Juice can hosts all your devices in one convenient location, ideal to keep airpods, phone and smartwatch in one place!
You’ll finally have a seamless charging experience worthy of the Apple products you rely on every day; all in a compact form that fits perfectly on your nightstand or desk.

Buy Juice Triple Wireless Charging Docking Station from £64.99

Oral-B IO8 Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B has gone above & beyond to create a brushing experience that’s in a class of its own. Beyond purely an advance in technology to incorporate world-class engineering. It gives you a thorough, gentle and quiet clean. Its sleek look goes pair with its most advance technology. When you go from electric brushing to iO it really upgrade your experience and cleaning your teeth turn into something that you will see, hear and feel differently.

Buy Oral-B IO8 from £450.00

Molekule Air Mini+ Air Purifier

Molekule Air Mini+ air purifier is FDA-cleared for medical use to destroy viruses and bacteria. This Class II medical device features a 360-degree air intake that replaces the air in a 250-square-foot room. The Air Mini+ uses a patented PECO-Filter, which is coated with a proprietary catalyst and breaks down viruses & bacteria at a molecular level. It also traps 95% of particles such as mold & pollen allergens.

Buy Molekule Air Mini+ from £449.00

Xencelabs Nebula White Pen Tablet

If you are a digital creative, the medium-sized Nebula White Special Edition Xencelabs Pen Tablet, which provides a natural, precise, and responsive drawing experience, will be perfect for you! Two electromagnetic resonance (EMR) pens are included with the pen tablet. A wider barrel pen with three programmable buttons along with a smaller barrel thin pen with two buttons that handles similarly to a standard pen or pencil. The gently curved palm rest and customizable 8-color LED lights along the drawing area will make your use of the tablet as comfortable as possible.

Buy Xencelabs Nebula White Pen Tablet from $339.90


All-out speed and ultimate ease come together in the most powerful GoPro HERO10 ever. The revolutionary GP2 processor brings twice the performance with higher resolution photos & videos, unbelievable image quality and the optimum stabilisation. To simplify things, HERO10 is cloud connected, so the moment you charge it, your footage is automatically uploaded to the cloud. 

Buy GOPRO HERO10 from £329.00


The only bear you need in your life. Combining microcurrent technology with Anti-Shock System™ & T-Sonic™ massage, this fierce toning device takes face yoga to a whole new level! Tighten & firm skin for a youthful, contoured complexion, exercising the 65+ muscles in your face & neck in just 2 mins. With guided routines, experience pro-level treatments & results at home. The revolutionary Anti-Shock System also allows the BEAR to measure your skin’s resistance to electricity, adjusting the microcurrents within your chosen intensity to ensure maximum safety and comfort at every level. Suitable for all skin types and ages, the device delivers visible, long-lasting results with continued use.

Buy FOREO BEAR from £279.00

Peep Club Eyes Humidifier

The perfect addition to your bedside table, home office or back-to-work desk; our beautiful bottle-shaped humidifier is designed to help keep your eyes hydrated whether they’re open or closed!

As with all Peep Club products; our portable humidifier has dual treatment and treat functions. The gentle mist, works to replace moisture in the air around your bed or workspace; this helps your eyes stay hydrated in-between blinks and combats the drying conditions of modern homes and work places (central heating, air conditioning and screens). 

Buy Peep Club Eyes Humidifier from £55.00

Jabra 7 Elite Pro

From the fullest bass to the clearest treble, these earbuds are Jabra’s smallest earbuds so far at 6mm but it promises a next-generation sound with its durable, custom speakers. 

You can also create a personalised audio profile with the Jabra MySound technology, define what noise you want to let in with the HearThrough technology and give your sound the silence it deserves with the adjustable Advanced Active Noise-CancellationTM (ANC). Jabra’s new MultiSensor VoiceTM technology also brings four powerful microphones with an advanced Voice Pick Up sensor to completely reinvent calls on the go, using bone conduction technology and advanced algorithm to ensure the clearest voice experience literally anywhere. 

Buy Jabra 7 Elite Pro from £199.99

MyoMaster MyoPro Massage Gun

Combining the powerful forces of elite athletes and physiotherapists, the MyoPro percussive massager from Smartech is designed and calibrated by experts to instantly relieve cramps, knots and tension in the body. Reaching 3,200 percussions per minute, it’s complete with a variety of massage heads that are each engineered to treat your body with precision. Oh, and thanks to the SilentPower technology, you can use it even when you’re on the go.

Buy MyoPro Massage Gun from £249.00

Babysense Video Monitor

The Split Screen Video Baby Monitor V43 features a dedicated 4.3” Color LCD display with a split screen and two remote pan, tilt and zoom cameras. You won’t miss a thing, even at night, with cutting-edge auto infrared night vision.
Watch your baby from anywhere within a 960’ range (you’ll get an out-of-range warning if you’re too far). You can comfort your little one with two-way talk-back functionality, built-in lullabies and white noise.
For peace of mind, the monitor provides the latest closed-loop technology for an ultra-stable and hack-proof connection.

Buy Babysense Monitor from £139.99

Roomba® i7+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

Forget about vacuuming for months at a time with the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal that allows the i7+ to empty itself for up to 60 days. Featuring 10x the Power-Lifting Suction & Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes pulls in dirt, debris, & pet hair from wherever it hides. The bonus? It learns from your cleaning habits to offer up customized schedules, also suggests extra cleanings when pollen count is high or during pet shedding season.

Buy Roomba i7+ from £799.99

Inglesina QUID2 Stroller

This premium, quality stroller, can be folded and unfolded with ease and can be folded down to a very compact, travel-friendly size (it folds small enough to fit in an overhead airplane locker..) The Quid2 is perfect for style-conscious urban families who like to be out and about, as well as families who enjoy travelling.

Buy Inglesina QUID2 from £274.00

512 Audio

512 Audio are a new Texas-based brand of studio equipment that aim to offer professional-quality gear at consumer prices. The Skylight, a cardioid capacitor microphone designed with sung vocals in mind. Its 34mm gold-plated diaphragm is housed in a capsule that gives it a cardioid polar pattern, while its sound is described as adding “richness and warmth” to your vocal recordings.
It will produce a polished, professional sound for your podcasts, streaming, and vocal recordings. The Skylight also includes custom metal mesh pop filter to eliminate plosives and a durable low-profile shockmount to reduce vibrations for clean audio recording.

Buy 512 Audio Skylight from £189.99

Sony HT-S400 soundbar

Whether it’s used to watch the latest movie, stream a favourite show, or listen to music, the HT-S400 delivers a powerful audio experience thanks to its S-Force PRO Front Surround technology, clear dialogue features and powerful 330W total power output.
The HT-S400 lets users hear sound from all around thanks to high-quality Dolby® Digital with Sony’s own virtual surround sound technology S-Force PRO Front Surround. It puts viewers right in the action of their favourite movies by emulating cinema-style surround sound. By using front speakers only, Sony’s unique digital sound field processing technology virtually reproduces the surround sound field.

Buy Sony HT-S400 soundbar from £269.00

MELO Relaxation Aid

MELO is a unique, beautiful looking and easy-to-use gadget that helps users incorporate breathwork into daily routines whilst encouraging moments of un-connected calm. Taking just a short moment to disconnect from the stresses of daily life can help to relax, focus and quieten an anxious mind and body.
Small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand, all the user needs to do is switch on the MELO and select their breathing pattern. The light will then guide you through a choice of three breathing exercises. This process helps to regulate breathing and promote a feeling of wellness

Buy MELO from £59.99

The AARKE Carbonator

A timeless kitchen countertop essential, this new carbonator blends the heritage and solid materials of espresso machines with minimalist design and the latest technology. The Carbonator 3 is a groundbreaking sparkling water maker with a stainless-steel enclosure, in a modern, rough-textured Matte Black finish. Forget the outdated, plastic soda machines of the past: This one is made from premium materials with top-of-the-line safety valves.

Buy AARKE Carbonator from 199.00€

VAHA Smart Fitness Mirror

Vaha Smart Mirror is UK’s first interactive home fitness mirror, a brand new, visually stunning and world class fitness direct to your front room featuring classes, on-demand workouts, even PT sessions.
Offering 2,000 programmes from V/Stretch (all things mobility, flexibility and posture) to V/Build (strength from full body to express sessions), V/Sweat (cardio based) through to yoga, pilates, meditation and V/Kids (fun family fitness programmes) – there’s something for every fitness fan and family looking for a healthier 2022.

Buy Vaha Smart Fitness Mirror from £1,195

The Looking Glass Portrait

The Looking Glass Portrait displays holographic photos, videos and 3D models in a 58 degree viewing cone, which basically amounts to the experience of a 3D video or hologram, but viewable by multiple people without the need for special glasses. Looking Glass Portrait projects 45 to 100 different “views” of 3D scenes to create its holograms, which is great for more detailed captures from light field photography. With the company’s HoloPlay Studio software you can also upload your own photos, videos and 3D models to the device.

Buy the Looking Glass Portrait from $399.00

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