App of The Week: Earth Rewards

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Our app of the week will make you – we hope – more aware of your impact on the environment and take steps to make your everyday life more eco-friendly.

An Environment-Friendly App

The newly launched Earth Rewards app will inform you of the carbon value of every aspect of your lifestyle. It will show you how to achieve a lighter carbon footprint in a practical way that in turn gives reward points. 

“Saving our planet and our future will take a combined effort from international policies right down to the environmentally friendly lifehacks and choices we make each day. We may often feel that our efforts are insignificant, but if millions of people make small changes locally we can bring about a butterfly effect of global change,” said Earth Rewards team.

The team behind this genuine world-first app built it up based on their extensive experience in environmental strategy and technology.

How to use Earth Rewards?

The app features three main categories which will help you to impact your daily carbon footprint.

  1. Connect: Use the expert-created carbon data to measure and learn about your carbon impacts, how to reduce them and balance any impacts you can’t avoid.  
  2. Collect: Earn Earth Rewards (ERZ) by completing the academy lessons,  2-minute missions, and weekly quizzes.  You’ll also be able to collect ERZ every time you shop with their retail partners – Earth Rewards will be announcing the first ones soon.
  3. Protect: The more ERZ you collect, the more you are contributing to the protection of the environment, and the more opportunity you’ll have to balance your carbon impact.  Each ERZ contributes to the protection of endangered rainforest in the Amazon, the biodiversity within it and the communities who call it home.

So if you are ready to have a positive impact on the planet, we highly recommend you to download Earth Rewards app right now!

They also have a fantastic blog, full of very useful tips on how to become more environmentally conscious!