10 Outstanding Gadgets for Tea & Coffee lovers!

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Winter is coming (no reference to GOT here), and we all want to cozy up under a cover while enjoying a hot pumpkin spice latte, a white americano, or a nice English Breakfast Tea. However you like it, we wanted to make sure each tea or coffee lover could appreciate their hot beverage in totally new ways with some of the most amazing gadgets on the market!

Melitta® AMANO

Combine style and intense flavors with Melitta’s latest collection of automated coffee accessories. The AMANO Pour Over, is designed to improve the coffee extraction, and the essence of the taste can be perfectly developed. It brings your coffee to its full aroma for greater taste and sensations.
Let’s not omit the device’s beautiful design, combining 70’s gold accents with minimalistic features.

Buy Melitta AMANO from £199.99

Kambukka Etna thermal bottle

For those always on the move, the Etna Thermal Bottle is the solution you need. Contemporary, easy-to-use, leak-proof… this little product detained all the qualities you need to keep your hot beverage warm for hours (5 exactly!) while traveling around.
The smaller version perfectly fits into your handbag, for your greatest convenience. Why do you need one? Because it is super eco-friendly, and it looks so cool!

Buy the Etna range from £26.99

Judge Cappuccino Glass Cups at Horwood

Impress your guest with these stunning Cappuccino double-walled glass cups. On top of being super stylish, they are also super practical. Hot drinks stay hot for longer, while the glass remains cool to the touch; iced drinks stay cold without condensation.
Each item is handcrafted by artisans, and mouth-blown pieces making them totally unique.

Buy Judge Cappucino Glass Cups from £21.00

Smarter Coffee

Imagine waking up every day with freshly made coffee… The dream right? Smarter Coffee made it a reality with its connected coffee machine. The Smarter Coffee can be connected to Amazon Alexa, Google Home-enabled and Siri-enabled devices or to a wide range of other smart home devices. You can als choose from two different modes, ‘filter’ and ‘grinder’, along with your desired strength to get that perfect cup of coffee.
The perfect companion for busy coffee lovers always on the go!

Buy the Smarter Coffee from £179.00

 Melitta Cremio®

Whether you like it in your tea or coffee, the Cremio by Melitta will give you the perfect milk for your hot beverage. The warm milk setting is ideal for recreating your favourite Italian cafe’s coffee, or opt for cold frothed milk to add to desserts as a light alternative to cream. Plus, the Cremio® Milk Frother isn’t limited to coffee, you can use it for any other hot or cold beverages!

Buy the Cremio from £79.99

Thermo tea mug by Eva Solo

If you are more a tea addict, this accessory is for you! It features its own tea filter which enables you to make your favourite tea wherever you are. It is completely watertight and easy to take and use on the go. It is designed to fit most cup holders and with its functional click-open lid, it is easy to use the cup with just one hand. The cup can also be used without the tea filter for hot coffee or cold water.

Buy the Thermo Tea Mug by Eva Solo from £50.00

Sage Tea Maker

If you’re passionate about tea, you’ll love this fantastic tea maker from Sage. Its generous 1.5 litre capacity means it can prepare up to 6 cups at once and because of its powerful 2400 Watt output, you’ll never be waiting long for your drinks. There’s a useful temperature selector too, so you can savour a variety of blends exactly how they should be served.

Buy Sage Tea Maker from £179.00

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine

For the lifestyles asking for quality whatever the quantity, you’ll always have the Vertuo Plus machine. It allows you to explore the full range of Nespresso coffee styles. And by full, we mean that you can now have it in even larger cups, with five sizes from exciting Espressos to Alto adventures.

Buy Nespresso Vertuo Plus from £119.00

Russell Hobbs Brew & Go Coffee Machine

Make the perfect coffee from fresh grounds or pods straight into your travel mug so that you can take with you at all times. Ideal for commuters, the Russell Hobbs Brew&Go will allow you to enjoy your coffee on the go!

It has a handy 24-hour programmable timer, with automatic shut-off, so that you can set your Brew & Go to have your delicious, freshly made coffee ready and waiting whenever you’re ready for it.
With an up-to-date compact design making it an attractive kitchen appliance, Its ergonomically shaped mug can hold up to 400ml of coffee at a time and the stainless steel housing keeps your drink warmer for longer too.

Buy Russell Hobbs Brew & Go from £32.99

Whittard Chelsea Glass Teapot

Fall in love with this stunning glass teapot, the perfect addition for afternoon tea with your guest. Featuring a delicate yet contemporary design, the Whittard Chelsea Teapotcan holds 6 cups of tea and comes also with a removable stainless steel infuser.
This is a timeless gift, ideal for tea amateurs who enjoy having a cup in a great company.

Buy The Chelsea Teapot from £30.00


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