Revolutionize your conference calls with Owl Pro 360 Degree Video Camera

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Lockdown or not, with the COVID-19 situation, every companies understood the importance of being connected and provide their employees with new solutions to enhance their comfort and productivity while working from home. This is the promise of Owl Pro, the 360 Degree Video Camera that will change the way companies connect around the world!

A new way to lead your conference calls

Owl labs are giving employers and employees a new and easy way to communicate through video conference calls. Their brand new product, the Owl Pro, is speaker-camera combo which allows remote employees to integrate meetings in a way a regular webcam cannot.
At the top of the cylinder, a camera which is designed to offer a 360-degree view of the room you’re in. The Owl’s speakers will only have to position the cylinder in the middle of the room/table, and the camera will focus in on the people speaking, no matter where they’re located within the room! Pretty genius right?!

The installation for the Owl Pro is really straight forward whether you are good in tech or not!

How does it work in real life?

As mentioned previously it is pretty straight forward to set up the Owl Pro, most of the set up happens in the office. It work the main video conference platforms such as Google Hangouts, Slack, Zoom, Skype etc…
The only rule is to set it up for two to eight people in an enclosed space with a max of about a 12-foot diameter (very precise right) but you can also we use it in a much larger room with more people! (We tried)

Then just turn it on and connect it to a video call! The Owl Pro’s two pairs of eyes will blink open to indicate the camera is in use. The recording is done by the camera at the top of the column, encased in a small glass dome.

Remote workers will just have to accept the video call and will be able to enjoy all the features. Its main feature is the panoramic view of the room which gave remote employees a chance to enjoy the whole meeting’s atmosphere while the camera also focus in on individual people when they start talking. When the mic picks up a new person’s voice, they slide into the frame, and focus the camera on the new person, which gives the remote worker the opportunity follow the conversation easily!

Our thoughts about Owl Pro

The Meeting Owl boast several undeniable benefits.
First, it’s portable, which isn’t an option with mounted surveillance cameras, and it is pretty affordable compared to its competitors.
While we really enjoyed it in our small office, it is maybe not the best fit for larger IT companies that needs higher conference calls standards.
But if you work in an office of under 100 users, while using a popular hosting software like Zoom, or Google Meet, then it is definitely for you!

For more information or to purchase the Owl Pro at $799 please visit


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