Coolest Tech Products to Unleash your Inner Artist


Being creative is a great way to express yourself, reduce stress and anxiety and provides a sense of accomplishment by making a final product. Using your creative mind can also help promote problem-solving and inspire novel ideas in other areas of your life. You may think that you’re not artistic but everyone is creative. Here are some products that can help you bring out your inner artist and enable you to produce a masterpiece (or at least something you can be proud you made).

Wacom Cintiq Pro

For digital art, the Wacom tablet is of the best-known pieces of hardware – it’s like painting directly on a virtual canvas, with no mess. With a pen that has thousands of levels of pressure, you can sketch, shade and colour your own designs.
The 4K resolution on LCD screens (with amazing colour accuracy) makes your art pop and Some tablets are even VR capable! If you can’t afford the Pro version (or you just don’t need all those fancy features), consider their Smartpads for keeping digital notes and diagrams.


You don’t need a big, fancy 3D printer to create fun, plastic sculptures at home. 3Doodler is an easy-to-use wireless pen that allows you to create a multitude of objects like travel tags, pins, flowers, money clips, phone cases, coasters and more, using plastics in many colours, including wood.

There are also kits with guides and accessories to create cool objects like
Robosumo, their mini battle-bots. Stuck for inspiration? They even have a newsletter that shares inspiration as well as a library of projects to try.

Cricut Maker

Cricut is a smart cutting machine that is extremely easy to use to create a variety of different personalized gifts and crafts.
There are many models, each with different features, such as the Cricut Joy which lets you draw shapes and lettering, and cut custom decals, create labels, or unique cards.

Their top of the line Cricut Maker machine touts professional-level cutting with over 300 materials ranging from fabric to paper and cardboard, to even leather. You can even create your own designs on your iPad or tablet (or phone, laptop or desktop), using their software. These machines also come with patterns and projects, and for added inspiration, Cricut Access gives you even more ideas.

With many options on the market to get your creative juices flowing, what are you waiting for? Start that project you’ve been noodling and tap into your inner artist.

Written by Roshni Wijayasinha, Prosh Marketing


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