15 Gadgets that will change the way you work from home

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With the current situation working from home and social distancing may be a necessity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it enjoyable. We’ve rounded up some top gadgets and devices to help you to stay productive and performant while working from home.

VariDesk Pro Plus 30

Thanks to VariDesk Pro Plus 30, you won’t have to trade productivity against your health. The free-standing working station will turn any regular desk into a functional standing desk. With all the space for your monitors, keyboard, and mouse, the Pro Plus 30 allows you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the working day – which is much better for your health than sustained periods of either!
It also features 11 different height positions, depending on your height, your preference and the size of your desk.
This evolutive desk is the perfect accessory to keep you productive and focused while working from home!

Buy VariDesk Pro Plus 30, from £275.00

HyperX Cloud Flight S Wireless

Mostly known for gaming, the HyperX Cloud Flight S wireless headphones can still come in handy in many home offices. Perfect for tuning out potential distractions around the house, or intruding sounds from outside, the HyperX Cloud Flight S feature some of the best noise cancellation features with an impressive 30 hours of long-lasting wireless freedom. They’re especially well-suited for use during important work calls since the mics can isolate your voice from background noises.

Buy HyperX Cloud Flight S Wireless Headphones from £149.99

EPSON Ecotank ET-7750 A3 Printer

Whether you need to print infographics, documents, pictures or designs, the EPSON Ecotank ET-7750 is THE solution. It also features a 1,200 DPI x 2,400 DPI resolution A3 scanner, for maximum creativity. This A3 cartridge-free model is designed for printing at an ultra-low-cost. For high-quality results, it uses four dyes and pigment inks. It’s also easy to set up, reliable and designed for mess-free refills.

Buy EPSON Ecotank ET-7750, from £699.99

LiveScribe Echo Smartpen

Make your life easier with LiveScribe Echo SmartPen and synchronize all your handwritten notes to your phone or tablets, transforming to text in seconds. With the Livescribe+ app, you are sure to always have your notes with you at all times while keeping them organized.
It makes it even easier to share your notes, comments, graphs via emails with colleagues or friends.
Livescribe smartpens are perfect for the modern professional, remote workers and people on the go who are looking to streamline their work.

Buy LiveScribe Echo Smartpen from £161.99

Cubinote Pro

Take sticky notes to a whole new level with the Cubinote Pro. This compact office accessory will definitely help you to keep things organized. You will be able to print anything from your phone, your tablet or laptop – and the best part? no ink is required! Just put the paper in and you’re ready to stick!

Buy Cubinote Pro, from £129.99

Trust Gaming 4-in-1 Streaming Microphone

For those creating content, music tracks, podcasts or videos this 4-in-1 streaming microphone will probably become your best companion while working from home.
The multi-purpose mic features excellent audio quality with both voices and instruments which are crystal clear and rich to a near-professional studio-quality whilst still being amazingly easy to use. A simple plug-and-play USB connection to instantly connect to a PC or laptop and makes it the ideal gadget for various purposes.
Recording your voice will never be the same!

Buy Trust Gaming 4-in-1 streaming microphone, from £119.99

Orbi Tri-band Wifi System

While working from home, you want to ensure that internet is working at any time. The Orbi WiFi system is a great way to have internet no matter where you are in your home. If you feel more comfortable while working on your balcony or in your garden, this Orbi WiFi System replaces your home router and extenders, so you can enjoy better WiFi everywhere. The Orbi mesh system ensures you have WiFi coverage up to 5,000 sq ft, it has a single WiFi name for your entire home and works with Amazon Alexa & the Google Assistant. You will never want to work from anywhere else again!

Buy Orbi Tri-band Mesh, from £399.99

Virgin Pure Water System

Virgin Pure Water System will keep you hydrated while working from home. Whether you prefer a warm cup of tea or a fresh glass of water, Virgin Pure gives hot or chilled water on demand! Don’t worry anymore about buying massive pack of water bottles or changing your kettle every month, this amazing water system got it all sorted for you! It boasts other amazing features such as a sleek design, UV purification, filtration and also autofill. Everything you need to keep you going during the day!

Buy your Virgin Pure Water System from £499.99

Dusk Lighting EGLO Desk Lamp

While working from home, you may find yourself staying up late to finish your monthly report, a presentation or any other urgent task. This is where the Eglo Desk Lamp comes to the rescue! The beautifully designed lamp boasts an adjustable light head and a digital display featuring the time, date, temperature and alarm function. The all-in-one accessory that will help you to stay performant, even at night!

Buy EGLO Desk Lamp, from £111.60

Furniture Village, Lista Smart Desk

If you don’t already own a desk at home, the Lista Smart Desk is definitely an option to consider. The combination of sleek design and smart technology makes Lista the perfect work-from-home desk for the forward-thinking and design-aware professionals. It showcases an amazing range of smart features such as Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging, USB ports and more.

Buy the Lista Smart Desk, from £399.00

BenQ Wireless Portable LED Projector

Host your own presentation at home with BenQ Wireless Portable Projector. It has a wireless casting, is HDMI, and has USB Type-C and USB Type-A ports for multi-connectivity. Plus it has a portable Bluetooth speaker & built-in Aptoide TV Market for downloading apps.
It can also be a great way to hold a work conference from home, so you can see all the participants at the first sight. And let’s be honest, when you have a little break, it is also a great accessory if you want to watch your favourite Netflix series!

Buy BenQ wireless portable projector, from £539.00

SodaStream Spirit

Bring a little bit of sparkle into your home with SodaStream Spirit! The contemporary device allows you to turn plain water into the sparkling drink of your choice. Whether you prefer it plain or aromatised, SodaStream got it sorted. The brand offers up to 15 different drink options, to personalise your daily drink.
What a great way to stay hydrated while at the same time varying the flavours.

Buy SodaStream Spirit, from £99.99

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch

The new iPad Pro is one of the must-have devices when working from home. iPadOS is designed to harness the power and performance of iPad Pro. Lightning‑fast hardware and powerful software were designed in concert to make every interaction snappy and smooth. Which makes working with multiple apps at once and moving between spaces quick and effortless. A full-size keyboard designed for iPad Pro brings individual hard keycaps and a scissor mechanism with 1mm travel for a responsive, comfortable and quiet typing experience.

Buy the iPad Pro 12.9-inch, from £969.00

LaCie Portable External Hard Drive

A hard drive is always useful when working from home or travelling. You can store all your data and keep them at all times with you.
Say goodbye to long, drawn-out transfers. Rugged hard drives, LaCie Portable Hard Drive feature a variety of high capacity, high-speeds, and even NVMe-boosted performance so that you’re no longer at the time-stealing mercy of RAW image files and high-resolution video. Transfer, edit, and hit your deadlines — faster.

Buy LaCie Portable External Hard Drive, from £174.99

MOFT Laptop Stand

If you don’t have any space at home for a desk, MOFT invisible laptop stand is the solution for you! It even comes with two angle adjustments. You can easily find your ideal height and posture: the high setting for a sitting posture, and the low setting for a standing posture. This flexibility helps prevent neck and shoulder pain while looking at the screen.
Folded, it is so thin that the brand itself calls it the “invisible” laptop stand.

Buy MOFT Laptop Stand, from £24.99


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