Biometric padlock: unlock the future

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Never lose your padlock keys again thanks to Master Lock and its biometric padlock. The smart security company has just launched its new padlock that allows fingerprints unlocking with no need for traditional keys.

Master Lock brings security to the next level

The padlock’s zinc casing, boron alloy shackle, and double-locking closing system offer resistance to any attempted attack. In addition, a dual ball bearing locking mechanism has been designed to protect against prying attacks. The padlock is covered with a thermoplastic elastomer as added protection against the elements.

The biometric padlock can also save up to 10 different fingerprints so that access can be shared with your most trusted contacts. The easy to setup device allows prints to be stored for two primary users and eight additional people.

Don’t worry about the battery running low! The replaceable CR2 battery has a one-year life expectancy with a light indicator to alert the user to low energy levels. Master Lock has designed the padlock with a discreet compartment to jump-start using a nine-vault battery, should the energy completely run out.

You can purchase Master Lock’s Biometric Padlock from £113.00