What to choose: Gtech Hylite Cordless Vacuum

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The Gtech HyLite is a small wonder! Fitting into a drawer this space-saving vacuum cleaner will definitely change your perception of cordless vacuums. Despite its tiny dimensions, it can perform at least as well as, if not better, than many of its more bulky rivals.


  • Small and light
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to use
  • Great design


  • Short battery life
  • Not bagless

The smallest vacuum on the market

As impressive it can be, the HyLite manages to fit into a kitchen drawer! The powered head and the reclining handle clip together if you want to use it in upright mode, and then unclip either when you use it in handheld mode or for storage. The handle is also telescopic and retract to around 40cm from its working height of 1m at just the touch of a button! Another great advantage of the HyLite is that it is generally very easy to move around, especially if you need to carry it up or downstairs.

With the handle off, the Hylite is great for vacuuming smaller areas such as the sofa and the stairs. It fits perfectly to the hand and is no effort at all to use.

Performance and battery life

Gtech worked very hard on the HyLite weight and design but in terms of performance, you may need a few swipes to collect the dust. It really does the trick if you consider buying the HyLite for daily quick jobs in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc… It has only 20 minutes of battery life, but the battery charges very quickly in comparison to its main competitors.

The vacuum works very well on hard floors and carpets, but it is not a vacuum for pet owners. The HyLite is not really efficient at picking pets hair.

The HyLite accessories

The Gtech HyLite comes together with 0.3l bags which last a month each – depending on how often you use your vacuum. The short airflow path (just 1cm off the ground) lets the vacuum compress 1l of dirt per bag. The type of dirt that you’re picking up will affect how well it can be compressed, though. The pack of 15 bags is reasonably priced at £12.99 and should last more than one year.

The perfect cordless vacuum to keep up with your day-to-day cleaning

Size and weight are HyLite’s main advantages. Small enough to slip into a drawer, it’s a vacuum that you can have nearby, ready to go when you need it.  It is an affordable contender, combining an impressive and compact design with a light build, and an eco-friendly design ethos. You can use it in a room where you may not be able to store a traditional vacuum, as well as for small spaces.

Buy Gtech HyLite from £129.99

For more information and to purchase the Gtech HyLite, please visit www.gtech.co.uk