Smart Backpacks and Suitcases to Travel Around The World


While numerous companies have made advancements in materials and design, suitcases and backpacks really haven’t changed much for the last decades. But don’t worry, luggage is finally getting smarter, and the options for connected suitcases and related gadgets are giving you some clever solutions to help you travel well.  

1. Bobby Bag

Bobby Bag is an intuitive backpack, good for short trips or daily commute. Its specificity is to be designed to be theft-proof, with a recessed zipper that’s impossible for thieves to find and unzip quickly. It’s also made of a material that can’t be easily cut and features an integrated USB charging port, rear reflectors, and a transit card pocket in the front strap to make the daily grind both easier and safer. Only £79.95 on Amazon

2. Away – The Bigger Carry On

Away is certainly the best value and offers the most variety. You can choose amongst ten distinct colors, alongside a great range of accessories are available a la carte, including monograms, graphic stickers, and garment bags. The Bigger Carry On cases boast an ‘unbreakable shell,” but that shell is lightweight and thin. The wheels are smooth and the handle is fairly sturdy, although the exterior is prone to scuffs, the lifetime warranty should handle any problems that might arise.

3. G-RO – Carry On 2.0 Classic

Featuring G-RO’s signature, indestructible GravityRoll™ Wheel Technology, this new large-volume carry-on is the answer for minimalists who want a lighter weight and simplified design. Includes a luggage strap to connect an additional bag. From £440.00 on Amazon

4. HORIZN STUDIOS – Gion Backpack

The revolutionary waterproof Gion Backpack stays true to Horizn Studio’s sleek design language. Made for everyday travels from the office to the gym or across continents, this backpack is designed to keep all of your valuables safe and sound, packed and ready to go wherever you’re headed. It comes with a premium nylon strap that conveniently slips on your luggage handle, keeping it safe and secure while on the go. The backpack’s padded shoulder straps are adjustable and made of waxed canvas, while its zippers are water resistant, making sure your gear stays dry. From £140.00 on Horizn Studios

5. Samsara – Carry On

This suitcase could be from the future, it boasts a range of really impressive features such as its lightweight aluminum alloy, its anodized coating for protection and its long-lasting look. The flat top allows you to use it as a table, propping your laptop up to work on it during a long airport layover. You can also download the Samsara app to receive notification each time the suitcase is opened out of your sight. The built-in battery can charge your phone up to ten times. From £404.00 on Amazon