Is Soap The future of Cosmetic Packaging ?


It’s the story of one designer vision to reduce all those plastic shampoo bottles.

Berlin-based designer Jonna Breitenhuber thought about a water-soluble solution to fight against plastic in the beauty industry. Indeed, beauty brands are famous for their elaborate packaging and plastic use. To stand out on crowded shelves, companies design elaborate bottles and tubes, as much as the average person uses 11 bottles of shower gel and 10 bottles of shampoo a year.

For her master’s thesis at the University of Arts, Berlin, Jonna developed a bottle made from soap that can effectively serve as packaging for any liquid hygiene product on the market – and they are just as visually appealing as some of the best-designed plastic bottles.

She called these bottles, SOAPBOTTLE. They are made from a traditional piece of soap that’s been hollowed out. The interior is lined with a water-insoluble layer, which prevents any liquids contained within it from dissolving the soap. On the top, there is a reusable metal closure to allow you to open the top and pour out your shampoo or shower gel.

The only problem you may encounter is that the soap will become slippery when it is in the shower. So Breitenhuber included an area to tie a ribbon or strap, making it easier to handle. The SOAPBOTTLE is also designed to be used as soap. So unlike plastic, it will not result in any waste.

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Photos Courtesy: Jonna Bretenhuber