The Spa 2.0: 15 Top gadgets for a spa from the comfort of your home


Spa is great, but Spa at home is even better! You get all the perks without the stress of booking your day, parking your car, and driving back home. Yes, but it is not exactly the same, you will tell me: we are ready to prove you wrong. Here are 15 amazing gadgets that transform your home into a blissful sanctuary.

PMD Clean Berry Cleansing Device

Indulge yourself with PMD Cleansing Device for a moment of relaxation. Its 7,000 vibrations per minute break down impurities and excess oil from deep within pores and give your skin its natural glow.
This little gem also boasts an anti-ageing massage that improves the absorption of serums and creams whilst firming and toning the facial contours for a younger-looking appearance. The waterproof cleansing tool offers four settings of varying intensity, ensuring a clear and youthful complexion every time.

Buy the PMD Cleansing Device from £89.00

Goodhabit Clean Scene Micellar Gel

The first step before any spa treatment is cleansing and this micellar gel from Goodhabit will leave your skin clean and fresh in few seconds only.
This featherweight gel gently removes even the most stubborn makeup, as well as dirt, oil, and impurities – no rinsing required or residue left behind. The proprietary BLU5 technology minimizes and helps prevent future signs of aging caused by artificial blue light. Encapsulated hyaluronic acid beads deliver a fresh burst of hydration on contact to promote a soft, supple complexion.

Buy Goodhabit Clean Scene Micellar Gel from $38.00

Fancii Zora Mirror

Never miss a spot again with Fancii Zora Smart Mirror!
This folding vanity mirror features three mirrored panels for the ultimate beauty experience.
Designed with three dimmable LED light settings – soft white, neutral white, and natural daylight; it’s a must for eliminating Bad Beauty Lighting! It’s eco-friendly with a rechargeable battery, so no more costly replacements for you. The right panel is an adjustable 1X side mirror, and the left panel is split into a 5X and 7X magnifying mirrors for seeing small details.

Buy Fancii Zora Smart Mirror from $69.00

Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex Epilator

Get the full Beauty set for a maximum of results with Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex Epilator.
The premium set includes including FaceSpa Cleansing Brushes & Sponge,  Shaver & Trimmer Cap, Body Exfoliation Brush, Skin Contact cap, Face Precision Cap & Pouch for an ultimate spa experience.
Say goodbye to dead skin cells, say hello to a naturally improved skin. It includes an exfoliation brush more effective than a manual scrub and leads to softer and smoother skin. Then, Epilate all over your body, using the flexible head to reach tricky areas with ease. Micro-Grip technology with 40% wider head removes more hair in one stroke, for more efficient epilation.

Buy Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex Epilator from £240.00

Black+Blum Personal Carafe

Stay hydrated throughout your whole spa day with the contemporary Black+Blum personal carafe. Its very own active carbon made from tree branches will soften water, add good minerals and absorb unwanted tastes and odours, such as chlorine.
It comes along with its own glass, which is super practical when you want to move around the house without taking a tray or carrying glasses with you.

Buy Black+Blum personal carafe from £29.95

Sensica Sensilift Mini

This is your new Anti-wrinkle electrical device for the face, hands and low neckline increases collagen and elastin levels to tighten the skin. The Sensica Lift Mini also increases blood circulation, which helps to reduce bacteria in the skin leaving a more youthful, healthier appearance. Advanced sensors constantly monitor your skin’s condition and automatically adjust the temperature to secure maximum safety and ultimate comfort.

Buy Sensica Sensilift Mini from £179.00

BIOEFFECT EGF Eye Mask Treatment

Tired eyes? Meet the EGF Eye Mask Treatment by BIOEFFECT. This super effect eye-mask features a dual-action, anti-aging treatment specifically developed to hydrate and revitalize the delicate eye area, providing an instant lift. 
In less than15 minutes, the mask will reduce puffiness and restore the firmness of your skin. After one week of use, your skin around your eyes looks more supple, healthy and glowing.

Buy EGF Eye Mask Treatment from £75.00

Power Plate Pulse

Feeling a bit sore from your last gym session? Say no more, the Power Plate Pulse is the solutions to all your problems.
The portable handheld massager helps relax and rejuvenate tight and sore muscles, release fascia and promote blood flow to help you prepare faster and recover quicker
It also boasts an amazing selection of vibrations that are perfect for deep tissue and recovery massage. So whether you are a sports fanatic or just a beginner, the Power Plate Pulse will quickly become an essential for your wellness routine.

Buy Power Plate Pulse from £299.95


Revolutionise your hair routine with RÉDUIT One, the futuristic at-home device delivering salon-quality treatments in 30 seconds only!
Not only RÉDUIT One is super practical but it is also environment friendly! The device reduces the need for stabilizers, thickeners, fillers in haircare and product waste by twenty times.
These miniature 5ml Hairpods™ provide up to 20 powerful applications and a sleek rechargeable hand-held device, for a revolutionary precision delivery system for amplified results. The cutting edge technology in the RÉDUIT One device brings the healing benefits of five different LED therapies to haircare when paired with the LED Hairpods™. Benefits include a soothed scalp, strengthened hair, boosted collagen production and healthy hair growth.

Buy RÉDUIT One from £189.00

Faace – Tired Mask

Tired skin? No more! Faace brings the solution to your skin problems thanks to its range of face masks, perfect to use during your Spa Day!
Perfect to give your skin glow and radiance, the Tired Mask provides a reboot and a whole lot of hydration for your tired skin.

Buy Faace Tired Mask from £22.50

LUSH Deep Sleep Bathbomb

A Spa day, is not a REAL Spa day without a warm bath. And a bath is not a bath without one of the divine LUSH Bathbomb. This Deep Sleep Bomb is made of Lavender and German chamomile flowers which are wrapped in biodegradable muslin, infusing in the warm water to create a hypnotic blend. As lavender balances, neroli alleviates worries, clearing your mind until you relax…

Buy LUSH Deep Sleep Bomb from £5.95

Tisserand Total De-Stress Aroma Spa Diffuser

Turn your home into an oasis of calm and serenity with Tisserand Destress Aroma Spa Diffuser.
Coming along with its comforting blend of Geranium, Orange and Nutmeg essential oils to help you slow down and unwind. The perfect accessory to create a Spa atmosphere from the comfort of your own home.

Buy Tisserand Destress Aroma Spa Diffuser from £39.95

Elements Boutique Spa Collection

A perfect spa day comes along with outstanding skincare products, and this is the promise made by Elements Boutique Spa and their stunning balms and oils. Using the herbs and flowers they’ve grown at the Spa as inspiration, Elements Boutique Bath & Body collection draws on the Four Elements – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water – ensuring each blend ignites the senses.
Choose your ideal products depending on the results expected: refresh, rewind, relieve, soothe, or energise.
You will totally fall in love with their divine body scrubs, which leave your skin glowing and rejuvenated.

Buy Elements Boutique Skincare Collection from £18.00

LUSH Mask Of Magnaminty

Can we really write a Spa feature without mentioning LUSH? No, we can’t!
A minty hero, this multi-purpose, face mask features a mixture of gentle yet effective ingredients, including honey and kaolin, to help you maintain your magnificent skin. Easily smoothed over the skin, this mask is made with peppermint oil to stimulate; marigold oil and chlorophyllin to treat the skin, and evening primrose seeds and aduki beans to gently exfoliate as you wash it away.
You will be left with a bright and refreshed skin right away.

Buy LUSH Mask of Magnaminty from £9.00

Elizabeth Grant Uplift Roller

Do more for your skin with the Elizabeth Grant 3D Face & Body Massage Roller. The Uplift roller helps to stimulate the blood circulation of the skin and can contribute to a firmer skin appearance with regular use. The Gold Uplift roller grabs and lifts in a more gentle grasp and pleasantly massage your skin.

Buy Elizabeth Grant Uplift Roller from £24.99


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