The Top 5 sleep apps to help you catch some Zzz’s.

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With everything that’s going on, it can be hard to quiet your mind and get a good night’s rest. However, the effects of sleep deprivation can permeate your immunity, concentration, and productivity at work more than you imagine. It is estimated that sleep deprivation costs the U.S economy $63.2 billion each year. Thankfully these 5 apps are using their technology to assist us with getting that much- needed deep sleep:

Relax Melodies

This app was designed to solve insomnia and help you get a full night’s sleep. If you have difficulties clearing your mind and crave soft sounds and music, this is the app for you. With features that allow you to mix your own potion of soft sounds, gentle instruments, and nature melodies, you can customize a jam just for your mood. It also has bedtime stories and meditation mixes you can use directly or incorporate into your mix for a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Cycle

Designed to track and analyse your sleep cycles, patterns, and quality, this app analyses the sleep state you’re in and chooses the opportune time to stir you awake in the bracket alarm time you set. It wakes you up gently, in the lightest phase of your sleep so that you feel well-rested and energetic, using auditory sensing from your mobile’s microphone or movement sensing through vibrations on the bed from your mobile’s sensors (depending on the mode of choice).


This app takes a more holistic approach to insomnia, helping you improve many facets of your life that could be affecting your sleep. Following a pharmacy theme, the app’s modules are named as pills, your library is the cabinet, and your subscription is described as a repeat prescription. This app features an innovative blend of language and sound, called psychoacoustics, to engage your mind, unlock your subconscious and change your perception.

Choose a pill that suits your ‘ailment’ and put on a good pair of headphones to enjoy the 30 minutes of capsule time and experience change subconsciously. There are various pills named Sleep Deeply, Dream Weaver, Sanctuary, and more that address specific needs.


Noisili is a digital space where you can mix and match sounds to create the ideal environment for your needs, be it sleep, workout or meditation. Besides crafting your own combos, you can also listen to carefully curated Playlists and be inspired, and explore new sound suggestions for various situations. The sounds include various real-life location sound recordings like Colorado waterfalls and summer thunderstorms, and there are many more to choose from.


Sleepscore helps you improve the quality of your sleep by monitoring it using a microphone on your mobile phone. With this app, your sleep stages are tacked and presented to you in an easy to read charts. They also provide personalized, professional advice if you select their premium plan, to help you optimize your sleep, stay energetic, and be productive in your tasks. Another great feature is their smart alarm that wakes you up in your lightest sleep phase to reduce drowsiness.

Head Space

Known for its meditations, Head Space also started ‘sleep casts’ which are stories that help you fall asleep quickly. The app also has several soothing sounds like a campfire, natural brook, windchimes, lake, and several others that can help calm your thoughts and soothe you into sleep. There are meditation guides on sleeping, waking up, managing stress, exercise, and concentration too. In the free plan, however, only selected modules are available.

If you’re having trouble getting to bed, it’s worth considering these tech-enabled solutions to helping you declutter your mind and help you get the much-needed snooze/doze/slumber/siesta that’s going to put you on the track to increased productivity.

Article by Roshni Wijayasinha, Prosh Marketing


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