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Most cordless vacuum cleaners follow roughly the same design, except the Halo Capsule. Rather than using a bagless design, it collects dirt in large 1.6-litre bags that you can simply remove and throw away once full. Plus, it’s totally built out of carbon fibre, and that makes it extra-light.

A contemporary design

Capsule is a visually appealing vacuum cleaner. The carbon-fibre cylindrical body comes with three attachments: a full-size brush head, a crevice tool and a smaller dusting brush attachment which will help you with less accessible areas.

The Halo Capsule is made of carbon fibre, weighing in at a lightweight 2.6kg. It’s really, really light, easily manoeuverable, and compact to boot. Perfect for small spaces, the Capsule is easily to disassemble and will fit perfectly in a cupboard storage. 

An impressive battery life

Battery life is a huge part of a positive cordless experience.
Operating the Halo Capsule is fairly straightforward. It has one button that turns the vac on and another to let you cycle between the three modes of operation: Eco, Performance and Boost. There aren’t any nasty technical surprises to be had here, with the layout user-friendly and easy to get to grips with.
According to Halo, you should squeeze about an hour’s usage out of Eco mode, off the back of three-hours charging. The Halo Capsule blitzed my floors when using it in Performance mode, consistently lasting around 30 minutes. Performance mode rises to pretty much every conceivable challenge you can encounter in a small apartment. 

One of the most performant cordless vacuums on the market

The good news is that the Halo Capsule packs a serious performance. It’s also really quiet in the midst of a deep clean.

 You can fit any one of the three cleaning heads straight onto the cylinder itself or via the extension tube, which then slots onto the cylinder, so that the cleaner itself can switch between stick and handheld.

This means that to clean stairs, for example, you can fit the large power brush head straight into the cylinder. This allows maximum cleaning power and range, while making the cleaner as light as possible and removing the unwieldy stick. Not all vacuum cleaners allow you to use the main head in handheld mode, so this is a very nice feature.

Eco mode more than enough if you quickly want to sweep around the home. For deeper cleaning, Performance mode is the perfect fit!

The All-in-one cordless vacuum you probably need right now

The Halo Capsule’s trio of settings ticks just about every box that a lightweight cordless vacuum should tick. They’ll defeat any cleaning challenge most homes can throw up.
Its very attractive price point, particularly when compared to rival products with similar specs, is also in its favour.

Get Halo Capsule from £249.99 on www.capsuleclean.com


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