The top 8 innovative beauty brands to watch this year

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In the beauty industry, there is no slow season. It can be hard to keep track of the new brands to know each month and amazing products on the market. That’s why we decided to put together a selection of the Top 10 Innovative Beauty Brands you absolutely need to watch this year.

Only Curls

Only Curls is a haircare company based in London. They are on a mission to encourage curly haired girls of all textures to ditch the chemicals, forget the straighteners and start loving their natural curls.

In the past months, Only Curls have added an eco-friendly curls-friendly shampoo bar to their bestselling collection. The bar has been expertly developed with a  special blend of Avocado and Kukui Nut Oils,  to deeply nourish curls, and it has great zero-waste credentials using no plastic in the packaging, the boxes are made from FSC mixed card and are 100% recyclable.
Not only that, a shampoo bar is much more longer lasting that a liquid shampoo and the Only curls Cleansing Shampoo Bar is free from sulphates, silicones, contains no drying alcohols, CGM friendly, no parabens, no animal testing, no mineral oil, no paraffin, 100% vegan, Made in the UK.

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With the launch of her new brand Orveda – a blend of “or” as in “origin” and “veda” in reference to Ayurvedic holistic practices – Nabi, the founder, do not compromise on ingredients. Her concentration of active ingredients is so high that “even the most advanced skincare laboratories were challenged to deliver”. Furthermore, Orveda is green, clean, and vegan – a first for the realm of luxury beauty. It launched earlier this year at Harvey Nichols and you can find it online here.

Discover Orveda collection here.

One Ocean Beauty

Founded by Tina Hedges, LOLI Beauty is an ambitious brand with a clear vision. The company is the world’s first zero waste, organic and food grade approach to beauty, creating natural products with the purest superfood ingredients. The ingredients are sourced from global farms, local artisanal purveyors and even upcycled from leftover organic food matter. 

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Mira Beauty

The litany of fake and altered internet reviews on beauty products makes it hard to suss out what comments are legitimate and what came straight from a bot. Mira Beauty, which is backed by Unilever Ventures, uses AI technology to sift through thousands of brands and products and aggregate reviews and prices from all over the internet into one easily shoppable interface. The software can also make personalized product suggestions based on skin issues, age, skin tone, and price range, so you don’t have to spend so much time piecing it all together on your own.

Check out Mira Beauty here


Brandless is another innovative company that’s really delivering big on important consumer tenants like affordable pricing, transparent business practices, non-GMO products, and more. It has a broad range of categories, from food and baby care to household supplies. The beauty products here are scientifically effective, extremely well priced, and never tested on animals.

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Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty celebrates the uniqueness of everyone’s specific hair type, texture, and needs by creating shampoos specifically formulated to tick every box for each individual person. Its vast array of formulations results in nearly 12 billion possible combinations, which means the shampoo and conditioner you buy may even end up being one of a kind.

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Beautycounter is pushing its mission of transparency beyond nontoxic ingredients, into mitigating the human toll of the supply chain, starting with mica. While developing beauty products that are free of 1,500 questionable chemicals and advocating for better government regulations on personal care products, Beautycounter has also been working to make its clean ingredients more ethical. 

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Until Lyma, no one has been able to figure out how to harness the strength of an in-office skin laser and make it both safe and effective to use at home. This new pocket-sized gadget is officially the strongest at-home laser on the market, with clinical evidence backing up its ability to help improve hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne, and wrinkles in just 20 minutes daily. And its safety is impressive: You can treat the area around your eyes without goggles. Anyone who’s seen a dermatologist for laser treatments and had to don a pair of futuristic light blockers knows how major that is.

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