10 Must-have gadgets for your Spring Cleaning

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Spring has officially sprung, and that means it’s time to get your home spick and span for the season.

Not quite sure where to begin? We’ve got you — and your soon-to-be spotless house — covered. From a handy vacuums to air purifiers we’ve rounded up an array of amazing gadgets that can make spring cleaning a breeze.

Russell Hobbs Quiet Super Steam Pro Iron

Tackle everything ironing throws at you like a pro, with the Quiet Super Steam Generator Pro. Blast through your ironing and eliminate creases in one pass.

Ironing had never been easier! On top of being highly effective, the Quiet Super Steam Generator Pro tackle everything ironing throws at you. It showcases amazing features such as a vertical steam option, a dry tank alert, and it also prevents limescale building up inside the steam generator!

The most enjoyable feature is probably the Quiet Technology which make up to 20% Quieter, you can enjoy all the steam generator has to offer, whilst still being able to hear your TV or listen your favourite podcast.

Purchase it for £249.99 on Russell Hobbs website

INEOS Sanitiser Dispenser

With the ongoing pandemic, we’ve understood the importance of using hand sanitiser in order to protect ourselves and loved ones. INEOS Hygienics thought about us, and brought up a special touch-free hand sanitiser dispenser for your home.

The sanitiser has been designed Toby Ecuyer, head designer of INEOS. It showcases flexible positions for table-top, wall-mounted or free-standing, it is easy to assemble, install and move – all whilst instilling confidence in safeguarding friends, family, and visitors to the home.

You will be able to enjoy the meticulous design with minimal lines, and an aluminium frame that accommodate the hand under the sensor.

You can purchase it from £179.00 here

Halo Capsule Cordless Vacuum

Halo’s Capsule is one of its kind. It’s the first vacuum cleaner to use carbon fibre as a key construction material. The unit’s shell is 1mm thick carbon fibre thanks to which, the makers claim, Capsule can rival the power and capacity of a corded upright while maintaining the weight of a handheld. 

Capsule has to be assembled when it arrives but fortunately, that takes a matter of seconds. You can fit any one of the three cleaning heads straight onto the cylinder itself or via the extension tube, which then slots onto the cylinder, so that the cleaner itself can switch between stick and handheld.

Capsule features three power settings which makes it incredibly efficient no matter where you are using it. The lightness of the cleaner becomes apparent as soon as you start using it. It is extremely easy to use, with excellent manoeuvrability thanks to a joint at the top of the main head, allowing it to rotate into corners.  

Purchase Halo Capsule Cordless vacuum for £249.99

Toucan Eco eSpray

This new eco-cleaning gadget is set to revolutionise the way we clean our homes by creating highly effective disinfectant using nothing more than tap water, salt and an electrical current. The disinfectant has been certified to kill 99.99% of germs.

The Toucan Eco eSpray can make 350ml disinfectant cleaner in just five minutes by filling with water, adding three grams of table salt and then activating the USB-charged device.  

The solution can be used to clean the entire home – replacing general disinfectant, all-purpose cleaners, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, glass and metal cleaners, and deodorisers. After seven days, it turns back to slightly salty water which can be tipped away before a fresh batch of disinfectant is made when needed.  

Purchase Toucan Eco eSpray from £59.99

Tefal Access Steam Care

With a heated soleplate in cast aluminium and ceramic coating, and three steam settings, the Tefal Access Steam Care is perfect to use on any kind of fabrics, and even curtains!

Featuring a vertical support to press against for better results, it is also suitable for horizontal steaming with no loss of steam power or drips. One of the top feature is its effectiveness! It is ready to use in 40 seconds – ideal for touching up details, and features a removable 0.2L water tank for 10 minutes’ non-stop steaming and easy refills. Sanitising as it steams, odours are eliminated and up to 99.9% of bacteria is killed in one stroke.

Purchase it from £89.99 on Tefal’s website

Ecoegg Laundry Egg

The Ecoegg is an innovative laundry capsule that wash your clothes with no harmful chemicals.

The Ecoegg is a refillable egg-shaped capsule which washes with non-biological natural mineral pellets.
Simply add the egg to your laundry load to replace detergent and fabric conditioner. It contains no harmful chemicals and the supplied pellets will give you 70 washes worth before you need to top up, meaning you will save up the equivalent of 40 bottles of plastic each year just by switching – the planet says thank you!

This amazing gadget is a great solution for those who want to be greener, or struggle with sensitive skin!

Purchase the Ecoegg from £9.99

Black & Decker Mini USB Portable 4-in-1 Air Cooler

This versatile air cooler can be used as a cooler, humidifier and air purifier for all year round use.
You can choose between high, medium or low speed airflow settings to maximise your comfort and adjust the vertical louvre to redirect cool air throughout the room.

The soft touch LED controls allow you to control the desired speed settings and operating functions. The cooling system uses dual ice packs to improve the cooling performance and moisture distributed into the room, while the anti-bacterial filter withdraws bacteria spores from the air. The detachable 600ml water tank is easy to remove for filling up with fresh water when required, and a drain hole at the base for simple cleaning.

Purchase the Mini-USB Air Cooler from £34.99

OXO Good Grips Extendable Microfibre Duster

There may not be a way to make dusting fun, but you can at least make it easier! This extendable duster can pivot any which way to reach under couches, on top of ceiling fans, and anywhere else you need to clean. And when you’re done, just toss the microfiber cover in the wash!

You can purchase it from £17.00

Braava Jet M6 Robot Mop

If you’ve been looking for a smart robot mop to clean multiple areas in your whole home, take a look at iRobot’s Braava jet m6. This robot mop comes with pads for dry sweeping and two types of wet cleaning pads — disposable and reusable. It dispenses warm water through an adjustable spray nozzle to moisten grime and gunk before one of the wet pads cleans dirt from your hard floors. 

Braava knows enough not to spray water when the dry pad is installed, and with its Smart Mapping technology, learns the most efficient way to clean the rooms in your home, even on multiple levels. The Braava jet m6’s mapping accuracy improves the more often it cleans and through the app, you can select which rooms to clean, and which to skip, schedule cleanings when you are away from home and have it overlap passes for a deeper clean. 

Purchase the Braava Jet M6 Robot Mop from £529.00

The H-HANDY 700

Compact, light and powerful, the Hoover H-Handy 700 is a simple grab-and-go vacuum cleaner for dealing with small amounts of mess. Offering neat storage and a 3-in-1 tool, the vacuum can tackle pretty much anything, with the only complaint that the nozzles are quite small.

Purchase the H-Handy 700 now from £72.99


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