The Most Innovative Spa Treatments in The World


Take pampering to another level with these most innovative spa treatments! We’ve selected the most original and luxurious spa treatments around the world – so you can pick alternatives for your next wellness retreat!

The Peninsula Spa, Beverly Hills

Try one of the most hi-tech spa treatments at the Peninsula Spa. “The Ultimate Indulgence” is a two-hour facial featuring diamond-tip microdermabrasion to resurface skin for that dewy youthful glow.
It includes an oxygen blast to firm and tone, radio-frequency therapy to increase the oxygen supply to your skin tissue, LED light and color therapy to rebalance the complexion, air massage to eliminate toxins, and electroporation to improve the ability to absorb active ingredients.

The Ultimate Indulgence, 120 minutes treatment $1,500.00

Bellevue Spa Clinic, Lošinj

The impeccably designed Hotel Bellevue is home to the award-winning Bellevue Spa Clinic, an extraordinary wellness sanctuary where guests can enjoy peerless spa facilities. Immerse yourself into this little slice of heaven, and try their EXIMIA treatments.
With the use of the most advanced technologies, you will redefine the outline of your body and your face. If you prefer retreats, you can also opt for their health packages which feature personalized programs, innovative methods, to find emotional and physical peace.

Bellevue Spa Clinic, 60 minute-treatment, from £60.00

Titanic Spa, Yorkshire

Nestled deep within the Pennines, the UK’s multi-award-winning eco-spa is offering state-of-the-art health and wellbeing facilities. This luxury haven provides excellent treatments by advanced professionals and maintains a truly unique, peaceful atmosphere.
With impressive eco-credentials, Titanic Spa is dedicated to its zero plastic initiative, has solar panels to generate electricity and uses its own private borehole 100 meters below the earth’s surface to provide pure Yorkshire water that is filtered into the spa.

Titanic Spa, 60 minute-treatment from £79,00

Spa Montage, Los Angeles

The Spa Montage partnered with L. Raphael, a high-end Swiss cosmetic brand known for its scientifically based facial treatments. One of their most famous spa treatment is the L. Raphael Royal C Treatment which uses an advanced $500,000 oxygen machine to blast oxygenated vitamin C and L. Raphael’s LEC-40 Complex into the skin to fight hyperpigmentation, smooth wrinkles, and even skin tone. So if you looking for your next fancy facial treatment, Spa Montage is your next stop!

The L. Raphael Royal C Treatment, $1,400.00 for 90 minutes

Wellness Spa Movil Center, Bogota

The Wellness Spa Movil Center is using virtual reality to activate all five senses and transport you to a soothing place.
You’ll have to fill out a questionnaire in which you explain the landscapes, sounds, flavours and scents that give you peace of mind. Then, the spa team will transport you to the place of your dream using 3D glasses and aromatherapy. Sit back and enjoy a multisensory experience, sipping your favourite drink on the beach, or having a beer at a cabin in the woods – without ever leaving the city.

For more information visit The Wellness Spa Movil Center website.

Four Seasons, London

Gold, silver, and diamonds are not only worn as jewelry anymore – the Four Seasons London is now using them in a variety of sumptuous cosmetic treatments.
The Black Pearl 24K Golden Luminescence is an anti-ageing treatment that delivers powerful rejuvenation and healing benefits. Derived from a high concentration of 24-carat gold and nanotechnology, it will bring luminosity your skin, thanks to the softest, purest and finest 24-carat gold, combined with potent anti-oxidants in a citrine stone ritual for the face.

Black Pearl 24K Golden Luminescence, 60-minute treatment, £290.00

SHA Wellness Clinic, Alacant

This futuristic wellness clinic offers a program for those looking to tap into optimal brain vitality, productivity, and to accelerate cellular recovery. 
Opt for the Brain Photobiomodulation, it sends varying infrared light wavelengths to dormant parts of the brain to boost energy, performance, and improve concentration.
Meanwhile, Transcranial Current Stimulation, which also has a Harvard pedigree, addresses everything from addiction to depression to migraines.
For those falling for the spa retreats, the clinic offers an healthy-ageing program which optimizes your health by delaying or reducing the effects of ageing with the latest technologies and treatments

For more information visit SHA Wellness Clinic website

Hotel Arts Barcelona, Barcelona

Striving to offer the ultimate spa experiences, Hotel Arts Barcelona boasts a new anti-pollution ‘Diamond Cocoon’ facial. Designed to liberate the skin from the toxins and impurities of modern life, the facial is designed to boost the lymphatic system’s natural detoxification process. It surrounds three principles: to fortify, shield & liberate.
It incorporates a prebiotic deep cleansing ritual with purifying treatment to detoxify the skin and a cutting-edge oxygenating facial massage. Then, white jade massage tools are introduced to encourage microcirculation and drainage, to help smooth skin texture and define facial contours, making skin look brighter and tighter, and glowing with new life. 

Diamond Cocoon, 60-minute treatment, 170.00€


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