What to choose: TomTom Go Camper

Travel What to choose

The TomTom Go Camper includes a lot of helpful features for campervan and caravan drivers wanting to upgrade their travel experience.


  • Multi-touch screen with an intuitive easy-to-use interface
  • Specialized routes information for oversized vehicles
  • LIVE services including HD Traffic


  • Suffers from loss of signal in rural areas
  • A bit overpriced
  • Had to add some maps manually

The Caravan and Motorhome sat nav

The TomTom sat-nav is perfect for camper van drivers and those towing a caravan. This Sat Nav has been specially designed for motorhomes and will get you all of the route and traffic features of the standard TomTom, with the peace of mind that the Go Camper. Indeed the smart device won’t take you on a route that will leave you stuck down a small road or one that isn’t suitable for the weight and/or size of your van. 

As well as featuring built-in WiFi, the TomTom boasts a handsfree unit for your smartphone via Bluetooth. It’ll also connect to your phone’s data, to download new maps and updates. If you don’t want to lose your mobile data allowance in a haze of sat nav updates, you can complete this process with the built-in WiFi each time you connect to a compatible network.

A full range of features to enhance your experience

What the TomTom GO Camper provides for its extra price is a great selection of software features that will definitely benefit drivers of larger vehicles. You will get specialist maps for Europe that take into account your vehicle size and top speed restrictions. So, you can adjust get on the road without any worries, and find the best roads and addresses whether you drive a van, a camper-van etc… You have also the option to input the total vehicle weight, the weight per axle, vehicle length, height, and width, plus any maximum speed restrictions.

This new model from TomTom comes along with a built-in SIM card which is, we believe, the most convenient and efficient way to get live information. There is nothing you have to do, the device will automatically connect to the available network and thus has access to internet to provide you with live information.

A great gadget to own if you are traveling often

Considering the TomTom Go Camper‘s price tag (£379.99), you need to make sure you can return the investment by traveling at least 2-3 times per year.

The TomTom Go Camper is an amazing tool showcasing lots of useful features that take a lot of the hassle out of a long distance drive. The touchscreen tech in particular is impressive. In our view, TomTom’s touchscreen tech is as good as anything you’ll find in a modern car. The route directions are also accurate and well-timed, which makes the Go Camper a great companion on a busy motorway or town centre.

It is a very comprehensive device and will definitely meet a great success especially with users who love the TomTom brand. It is intuitive and easy to use, on the road as well as at home thanks to the Wi-Fi connection and the TomTom MyDrive application which allows preparing for upcoming journeys. 

You can purchase TomTom Go Camper from £379.00 from tomtom.com


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